Saturday, December 27, 2008


i took an early hiatus from work and travelled all the way up north to spend the holidays with the family. this is a tradition that i intend to keep whether i am single or otherwise. if, in case, a certain somebody comes along, then i am reserving the new year for him (or her?). we'll welcome that with fireworks (no pun intended).

however, the long break has, indeed, been a time for me to consider my pathetic lovelife. right before i took my break, i was confronted with issues that i have long eluded; issues, which up to now, i am not yet ready to face.

let's say that, hypothetically, you are in my shoes. would you make a choice among these:

1. someone from the past who's trying to make a comeback and, annoyingly, acts as if everything is the same as where you left off;

2. someone in your present who's quite keen in turning the relationship that you have into something serious; and

3. a jealous husband with three kids who professes his love to you and already acts as your boyfriend.

its hard, right? but the thing is, i don't want to choose, at least not yet.

do you think i'm selfish? or is my hair just too long, hahaha.

happy christmas to everyone!


ahh, holidays! peace at last...


  1. hmmm not much to choose from... only number 2 doesn't come with a catch. :-)

    but you're right, no need to choose just yet. things will fall into their rightful place... in His own time, in His own time...

    merry christmas! and thank you!

  2. finish the festivities and then decide. sometimes this season can be misleading.

    Seasons Greetings anyway....

  3. haba nga ng hair ng lola ko! lol :)

  4. Yung entry ko na "A Perfect Circle" at saka yung kasunod nun sums up my romantic concerns right now. Somehow, muntikan na tayong maging pareho ng sitwasyon. Pero dahil mapalad pa rin ako, nakakamove-on naman ako kahit paano.

  5. @PinoyPoz: i suppose i should let destiny take its own proper course. for the meantime, i'm just laying the cards.

    @kris jasper: the holidays are done and i still haven't decided yet although at this point not one has the real edge over the others.

    @dabo: mag-open na ko ng bagong blog entitled "rapunzel in distress", lol :)

    @mugen: joms, pare, 'pag sa akin ka na-inlove, hindi ka makaka-move-on... wapak! hahaha. peace, dude!