Friday, December 12, 2008

i learned

on this day two years ago, i met this person who played an important role in the story of my life. he is the living proof that i am capable of so many things, things that i never realized i could do. through him, i was able to learn a bunch of life's lessons, shaping me into the person that i am now.

i learned to listen without passing judgment.

i learned to share my stories, something that i never do.

i learned to laugh at the simplest jokes.

i learned that my way is not always right.

i learned to compromise.

i learned to appreciate what i have.

i learned that acting like an adult is not always healthy.

two years forward and i lost that person already. but since the spirit of the holidays is very much alive, i refuse to give in again to the gloomy weather. so aside from what i mentioned above, there are other lessons which i think are quite important for me to remember.

i learned that kissing is very hard when both of you are wearing glasses, especially if you're riding a public transport, in broad daylight.

i learned that the horror house in star city is a nice place to make out.

i learned that paying the meralco bill can be a good date.

i learned that when you're dining out with the same guy in the same restaurant for a number of times, waitresses tend to look at you suspiciously.

i learned that it feels nice to hug, just hug, under the shower.

i learned that having ice cream is effective in easing the heat of the moment.

i learned that hindi lang kumain ang masarap sa chow king.

enough said.


you need another person to make you realize who you really are and what you are capable of.


  1. hahahaha... i dunno if laughing is appropriate. but i can't help it since andami ko'ng natutunan.
    on the other hand, tingin ko, hidni nawala sa iyo yung tao na yun... i can still sense him within you...


  2. Dami ko natutunan dito. Katuwa ang entry na ito. Sentimental ang mood. Ahhh, sarap mainlove. Sana ako rin. =)

  3. "i learned to share my stories, something that i never do"

    wow! you still like him and keep it that way just in case you found him back in your arms, and yet it seems you got something better inside your head now--swerte ng susunod mong mamahalin.

    (hey im not profiling/analyzing your words.. it just popped out of nowhere)

  4. wahaha, natawa rin ako.

    pero emotionally loaded pa rin kahit humorous.