Monday, January 26, 2009

happiness is my destination

if you were stranded in an island, how did you get there?

by plane, of course!

- the thank you girls

a dose of laughter capped my day yesterday. after noticing some good reviews for the film, i decided to catch the last full show last night for my usual alone time. good thing that i don't work on mondays, else, i would be suffering from the dreaded monday sickness that most, if not all, employees seem to have.

call me the restless one, literally, because the movie was not the highlight of yesterday's series of activities. body and mind awake at 5:00 in the morning, i used the first hour to make sure that zoom-zoom is squeaky clean and shining. that metal, much like me, is not used to going out at daytime that's why i have to make him as presentable as possible (although, it was later in the day when i realized that no matter how he looks like, zoom can still induce stiff necks from nosy strangers, much to the delight of my ego and pride, hahaha!).

my companion and i will be meeting up somewhere in katipunan at around 7:00 for a scheduled trip to tagaytay (read: scheduled meant it was planned a day before) but i never expected to catch the sunrise at my usual favorite spot prompting me to make a wide u-turn, stop for a while, and enjoy the moment. i really don't know why but i'm such a sucker for sunrise. i guess it is the mere thought of me bearing witness to the start of a new dawn that uplifts my spirit says the sentimental jerk that i am.

suffice to say i was late but my ever so polite friend seemed to have not minded so much. we were really hoping to start the trip early to avoid the traffic along c5 and as such, make this one a leisurely drive. at any rate, sticking to the original plan meant i should drive at top speeds to get to our destination on time. the crazy driver in me says he'd like that very much.

and so, after passing quite a long stretch of pineapple shrubs in silang, we found ourselves atop palace in the sky at around 8:30 (one hour from katipunan isn't that bad, right?). the majestic view of the lake coupled with the cold and windy surroundings more than made up for waking up very early. indeed, tagaytay's piece of heaven is far better than the dusty environment i call home. it is, literally, a breath of fresh air.

a few hours later and we're off to my favorite place to sample once again the sumptuous meal that keeps me coming back. we opted to take the bahay kubo nearest to the cliff where a slight shift in the breeze would sway it in all directions. and then the conversation ensued; about life, love, and such other issues that add color to being people like us. it would have been really perfect except for this singing group that moves from kubo to kubo and upon reaching ours, insisted to play the song "bubbly", thus breaking the mood.

since it is a sunday, we decided to pass by a church to say our prayers. i took my friend to the adoration convent of the pink sisters where i had a few lessons in gaydar management considering the wide array of subjects to practice with. admittedly, we wondered whether it was the reason why they call it the convent of the pink sisters (guys, we found the national headquarters, hahaha!).

the long trip was, indeed, worth it and the experience was more than enjoyable. as we traverse the expressway towards home, i looked back at how the day went; remembering every details and lessons learned from the encounter. that although i seem to enjoy the best things that i can afford, it is the little things in life that can really, truly make us happy.

o baka naman mababaw lang talaga kaligayahan ko?


this is how i write in my old blog, the mainstream blog, as how one blogger friend puts it. i guess there's a big difference from what i usually post here.


  1. " the little things in life that can really, truly make us happy." - Amen! =)

    This post is a breath of fresh air from all the emo-ness around.

    Ingit ako, antagal ko na di nakapunta ng tagaytay. =(

  2. namiss ko tuloy bigla ang tagaytay..
    that place... it was called palace in the sky but now, people's park na...
    which church did you stopped by? othe one near people's park?
    makes me wanna go home tuloy...

    napadaan lang...

  3. seems u love tagaytay that much. i never been there. hahaha

  4. I just came from a pilgrimage and like you, it was a very profound moment. Remember how poetic my Foghorn entry was. Hehehe. It's good that mababaw lang ang kaligayahan mo. Only few people could boast such little happiness in life.


  5. it starts in my toes
    makes me crinkle my nose
    wherever it goes
    i always know
    that you make me smile
    please stay for a while now
    just take your time
    wherever you go...

    it starts in my soul
    and I lose all control
    when you kiss my nose
    the feelin shows
    cause you make me smile
    baby just take your time now
    holdin me tight...

    wherever, wherever, wherever you go
    Wherever, wherever, wherever you go
    wherever you go, I'll always know
    cause you make me smile here, just for a while...

    from Bubbly by Colbie Caillat... a.k.a. Bubbly-Bubbly...

  6. tagal ko ng di napupunta ng tagaytay..siguro pag dumating ang isa kong barkada, mayaya dun. she was the one who brought me to the pink sisters convent.

    mababaw? i doubt it. travels broaden the mind.. travel is similar to drinkng beer specially with buddies.

    -it loosens the tongue but tightens the bond-

  7. namiss ko tuloy mag out of town...

    at dahil sa post na ito gusto ko ulit bumalik ng tagaytay... grade 2 pa ako ng last akong pumunta dito...

    pero this post is like tagaytay, at gaya nga ng naunang comment, its a breathe of fresh air.

  8. i was at metrogate last sept and it was refreshing to see greens again...

    i suddenly missed the zip line..huhuhu

  9. @jet'aime: i must admit kasama ko sa emo-ness in the past days, hehehe. =)

    @~yAnaH~: the church is partially hidden. access is via a small corner after olivarez plaza.

    @trip: i can't fly so i'd rather go to high places where i can see most of everything from above.

    @mugen: thanks.

    @pinoypoz: hehehe, you really can't forget bubbly-bubbly. hala ka, baka humangin ng malakas bigla. =)

    @dabo: naalala ko tuloy na nami-miss ko ng uminom ng beer.

    @wanderingcommuter: will be returning there next month. sama ko kayo ni jet'aime. =)

    @thegeek: balik ka ulet. road trip tayo.