Saturday, January 10, 2009


a fellow blogger and i were talking yesterday about a comment i made in his latest entry. i must admit, the escapade he mentioned, although not completely new, is something i have never done before. well, not in its entirety. like i told him, i was once in an "almost there" situation.

now i will stop there. i respect the privacy of our conversation so i won’t divulge any more information about it. but among the things we talked about, there was one question that haunted me until today.

what is your type?

considering that we are talking about a fairly light subject, little did he knew that my mind was already racing; going back to the past, the present, and everything in between, examining in detail, analyzing every conflict, questioning each resolution. i know, my own manner of thinking gives me a headache sometimes.

when confronted directly, i am afraid that i won’t be able to answer that question in all honesty. history reveals that when hormones take over the best of my decisions, my mind tends to gravitate towards anyone pleasing to the senses; to the eyes, initially, then to the touch, shortly following thereafter.

because admittedly, within our circles, most of the time, the physical attributes of a person dictate his value to the community. blessed are those gifted with bodies and faces for they are swamped with mere mortals awaiting their godly choices.

but as people grow mature, preferences go along with them. terms such as security, loyalty and sincerity begin to challenge our sensibilities. this shift in paradigm would only mean that we all will come to a point where we see further than what the eyes can offer.

one day, i hope to say that i am beyond that history i am referring to; that the next person to come into my life will be accepted not because he has the best frame and face in the sea of frames and faces in the dance floor…

… but that in the darkness of the night, his light will shine as bright as mine.


i once read before in a post somewhere that a relationship between two good-looking guys are bound to fail.

maybe. maybe not.

"one day, i hope, we will find our own happiness, away from each other, never crossing paths again."


  1. It is my hope that you find the person you are looking for.

  2. kaya its important that we are constantly in touch with our own feelings..

    because two things are possible;

    1. what we want today, we may not want tomorrow.

    2. what we have today, maybe gone the next day.

  3. … but that in the darkness of the night, his light will shine as bright as mine.

    bow. :)

  4. My similar post ako dito next week. Naka-sked ng Jan 22. Hehehe.

  5. aawwww... parang twilight ba ito?! hehehe...

    lahat tayo ganun din ang honihope, isipin mo na lang you will have you share when the right time comes.

  6. wag ka maniwala kay wandering commuter, malaki siklat sa ulo nyan bwahahaha

    take that ewik!

  7. @mugen: my hope for you as well, joms.

    @dabo: true, preferences change. the earlier we mature in our outlook on relationships, the better. ewan ko lang kay ewik, hahaha. peace, ewik!

    @pie: similes and metaphors, hehehe.

    @mr. scheez: hintay ko yan. pero, bakit january 22? significant date?

    @ewik: sa twilight, dude, kelangan ng sunlight para mag-glitter. saka sabi dun, once a vampire fell in love, he will love for all eternity. ay, buking? fan pala, hahaha.

  8. Hindi naman, naka-sked na kasi ang ibang post ko; one week in between halos. Hehehe =)

  9. hello, john. i enjoy reading your blog. i added you to my links. :)

  10. "one day, i hope, we will find our own happiness, away from each other, never crossing paths again."

    Nice quote. Reminds me of that line in the movie Magnolia. "Now that I have met you, do you object to not seeing me again?" Or something like that. LOL.