Saturday, January 31, 2009

random facts

a thousand moonlights ago, i realized that the clubbing scene is not for me. the wild music burns my ears and the constant play of the bright lights hurt my eyes. since then, i found out that i'd much rather go to places where silence is my companion, with the cold winds brushing my face, where solitude is bliss, away from other people's prying eyes.

but that's just one thing about me.

in most of my encounters with fellow bloggers, the first thing i am asked about is my age. it seems that my blog leaves the impression that i'm quite old already. rather than get insulted, i am really pleased that you guys think i write mature, if that is the case. wait, i hope that's the case.

other than that, there's really no special thing about me. i am just the regular bloke that you met across the street. as proof to this claim, i compiled a few random facts about stan the person. that behind the lines in this blog, this is who i am.

1. i am color blind. when it comes to traffic lights, i guess i'm just lucky. and cautious, too.

2. i don't eat vegetables. wait, do you consider potatoes as veggies?

3. i am a chicken person. i will eat everything chicken.

4. i drive around at nights, sometimes to places you never thought i would be.

5. i love the sunrise. i wait for it when i feel like doing so.

6. i am into photography. for fun.

7. bisaya was the first dialect i learned. ironic; i can't speak it now.

8. dad is from the north and mom is from the south. you're thinking right. they met halfway to make me.

9. i want to fly. but that's impossible. so i go to high places instead.

10. i have an alter - ego. i'm keeping it hidden.

11. i love reading. i finished 7 harry potter books in 7 days and 4 twilight books in 4 days.

12. i love walking. i can go walking for hours and it won't be a problem.

13. the uncanny x-men is my favorite cartoon of all time.

14. but now i'm into heroes series. never fail to glue my eyes to the tube.

15. i patronize pirated dvds. sue me if you have any problems with that.

16. caramel macchiato is my preferred coffee.

17. ghost is my favorite movie. but i like tom hanks in forrest gump.

18. i don't believe in long courtships. twice i broke up a couple to get the girl. but that was then.

19. i'm nice but naughty as well. but you wouldn't know that.

20. once i pissed in my pants during grade school. the teacher washed my pants and undies.

21. i ditch classes in college when i feel like doing so; yep, one of the perks of being an ace student.

22. 22 is my favorite number. i won jueteng twice because of this.

23. i went to sweden without a visa. the train looks so inviting i had to get in.

24. i've been on a nude beach in europe but i haven't been to boracay yet.

25. tuyo is my favorite breakfast. dilis comes in a close second.

i am not a nice person and i had my shares of blunders in the past. but i have learned since then. likewise, i have always told myself time and time again that i don't have to make my own mistakes all the time.

but sometimes, i still don't listen.


almost everybody is talking about the love month already. i might just dive into the subject one of these days. but then again, what can i say about it?


  1. you should meet my classmate! parang addict din iyon dati when harry potter came out. a week before a new installment is released inuulit niya basahin yung previous books.

    there was a time na prelims namin sa med when a new harry potter book came out. she stayed up the whole night just to read it instead of studying! how i wish i could do that!

  2. bisaya...hmmm..we should talk

    i love reading too, but 7 days for 7 books & 4 books for 4 days? wow...

    a friend told me, i am nice daw...but naughty...hahahaha

  3. 24. i've been on a nude beach in europe but i haven't been to boracay yet.

    hala..ganun..go there this summer!

  4. I love dilis too specially the spicy dilis.

    I love reading too but I prefer works of Bob Ong, Bo Sanchez, Paolo Coelho and Mitch Albom. I also have a friend who loves Harry Potter. She would splurge for her Harry Potter collection rather than books intended for academics. :p