Sunday, March 29, 2009

failed attempt

my workstation will be on inspection tomorrow and i need to clean my hard drive of any files that are not related to work.

at least that's how i understood the latest e-mail i received from our i.t. department. for days now, they have been bugging all the employees regarding the improper use of workstations especially in storing files for personal use as well as installing applications which are not authorized by them. guilty as i am, i need to finish this today unless i want them to find out that almost seventy-five percent of my hard drive's memory is allocated for my photos, videos, music files, porn and personal software.

good thing i brought my external hard disk with me today but i am not sure if there is sufficient memory available to accommodate all the files that i will be transferring. so far, i have already cleared around 25 gigabytes of photos and music files. i deleted all my porn though, but it was not an easy decision.

after rummaging through my hidden folders, i found this particularly interesting podcast that i made before. i thought i lost it already and since i closed my other journal forty-eight years ago, i never expected that i'll be able to listen to it again. i know, the editing is not very good, but it seems that hearing my voice again speaking nonsensical blabbering is more than enough to make my tiring day.

here then is my failed attempt at humor


i can still remember my friends' reactions when i asked them to listen. apparently, they never expected this side of my personality. however, it was the polar bear's reaction that is most priceless.


  1. "i deleted all my porn though, but it was not an easy decision."

    I hear you. Definitely, one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. hehehe

  2. so time to hide the porno stan