Sunday, March 22, 2009

or so i thought

i am leaving blogspot for good.

that was the original plan. when i woke up that morning a few weeks ago, closing this journal was the best option i have. call it fear if you may, but, like i said before, nothing has prepared me for the rough roads and steep hills of being one of the people like us.

exactly a day after, and with a heavy heart, i have decided to stop my journey and lock my doors. everything about stan the blogger was competely wiped clean; no traces were left, probably not even a small hint that stan ever existed.

from then on, i was able to suppress the urge to write. a lot has happened in the days that passed but i kept my silence, that is, until now...

... when i did understand that some things come about because they just do and, like everything else, they too, shall pass.

hence, days before this son of taurus bears another fruit, i decided to pick up my trail and continue my journey to destinations still unknown.

but first thing first. let me just return this crown to the polar bear. i won't be needing this for a very long time.

because there is really no reason for me not to be happy.

so what happens next?

nah... no calculated pre-emptive actions anymore.

basta, tuloy-tuloy lang ang ligaya...


probably, even then, i knew that in one way or another, i will return. last night, i was able to catch up with my reading. what amazes me the most is that my link is still present in some of the blogs i revisited. baka naman tinamad lang silang mag-edit...


  1. i gladly accept back the crown you stole all those many weeks ago. u forget that i just lent it to you and you must have just felt too comfortable with it. anyways.... remind me to never lend u anything ever again... hehehehe

    glad ur back sir.

  2. welcome back, s...

    you have been missed..

  3. hahaha! i knew you'd be back! and hoy, di ako tinamad lang mag-edit ha! ngarrr!