Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the pink bimpo chronicles

in one of those very rare occasions where i allowed myself to be surrounded by fun and fabulous people, the closing of this blog has become a hot topic. when asked with the perennial question "why", i told them that the last few entries sum up the reasons for doing so. but then again, not everyone has read these posts and putting the journal offline after twenty-four hours did not help either.

needless to say, i recounted the details over lunch, answering each question as honestly as i can but still being very careful not to let the juicy elements slip (as if there's any, to start with). they know i am quite nervous, as evidenced by my continuously arranging and re-arranging the glasses in front of me. i never knew before that i tend to do that.

but apparently, me and my story are not the center of attention. it was this ridiculous pink bimpo that i brought with me. knowing for a fact that it is a humid day and i'll probably be walking most of the time, i decided to bring a small towel aside from my usual hankie minutes before i left home. i am aware that unless a miracle happens, i will be arriving late so i just grabbed the one on top of the pile, a small rectangular towel which i initially thought to be white.

considering that my being color blind seems not a good excuse, i just made fun of the situation and i became the maangas guy with the pink towel. one even went a step further suggesting that i open a new blog with the title "me and my pink bimpo". sounds mighty cool, isn't it? interestingly, i gave it a thought but brushed the idea at the last moment.

there's no point prolonging the bimpo's agony. it has already served the purpose of breaking the ice among people with diverse preferences. for sure, among us, i will most likely be remembered because of it.

but somebody burst my bubble before the day ended. it seems that, after all, the freaking thing is purplish.

hay, what can i say?

nothing but art deco.


i checked the towel's etiketa and found out that it is made of one hundred percent cotton. i am handing it down to zoom-zoom as cleaning cloth for the interiors.


  1. but i think that there is something more than it being an art deco..

  2. sometimes, it is better to stick to basic colors...

  3. it was?! nah... it was pink. just like ur shirt that said "roque and roll". seriously now... seriously :) we could always check the video u know... everything is on film anyways :D