Friday, April 17, 2009

john + stan

nice. i don't think that this is one description that will ever fit me. when people say that i am, i just remain silent, for i know that deep inside, there is still a darker part within me who may come out anytime should my defenses be lowered.

admittedly, i had my shares of blunders in the past. i am not always the same person willing to reach out and lend a hand. come to think of it, i have my "moments", too, when the nastier self is unleashed and my peaceful little world falls into chaos.

for the purpose of comparison, let us call the more mature side as john. i think he is a really nice fellow and a good friend. in your dire need, he'll come to you at a moment's notice, notwithstanding the circumstances.

he is the ace student, the dutiful son, the seasoned leader and the workaholic yuppie who exceeds expectations. give him a task and he will finish it in no time. beating deadlines is his game and i guess the best thing about him is that he keeps the finances intact.

when it comes to relationships, he is the all-out lover. he plans the best dates and the most romantic getaways. yes, he lives and breathes romance. lucky you for being the center of his world.

on the other hand, there is stan. he's the same guy who joined a fraternity way back in college and enjoyed beating up clueless neophytes for years. ask him to go for a drink and he will never back out. for a time, he tried smoking, both cigar and pot. good thing john was able to put some sense into his brain.

stan loves to experiment. he is the curious guy who will try anything at least once. but he will never admit that, especially when something goes wrong.

he is a player. don't mess with him unless you want your heart shattered to pieces. when he turns his back on you, he does it for good so never expect second chances. although i should say its really hard not to fall for his charms. he will entice you with his words.

for years now, john and stan are able to co-exist peacefully in my realms. who i am today is a combination of these two personalities. most of the time, john takes over. but don't push your luck because stan is still there...

...lurking in the shadows, waiting.


in a few days time, another year would have passed for me and it is time to look back as to how far i have progressed from the person i was before. if its true that maturity comes with age, i would say that i am suffering a mid-life crisis now. but then again, it doesn't...


  1. So si Stan pala yung sinasabing mong alter-ego? O iba pa yun? Hehehe =)

  2. buti na lang si john yung namit ko and di si stan...scary! hehehe

  3. burger, burger... too tired to read for now. just read the text in blue and from what i gather.. lapit na bday mo!!! hence... burger! burger!! then again... daming calories nun! sayang ang workout. coke zero nalang... zero! zero! :)

  4. cute combination!

  5. something to scare those emos and twinks out there...