Monday, April 20, 2009

just one night

two years ago, my encounter in bed bar ended up in bed. i never returned since.

to the bar, that is.

not until last saturday night where, for the first time in recent years, i did strut my stuff in the dance floor again.

a week back, on our way home from tagaytay, a blogger friend mentioned about his plan to go to malate. since i don't have anything else planned for the next weekend, i just decided to tag along. i felt it would be nice to see the place again and check out the new crowd. some bloggers are raving so much about it and i admit, i am beginning to get curious.

after a quick dinner at greenbelt, we arrived at the bar at half past one. the place is full already and bursting with energy. the crowd in itself is a mixture of personalities, from the young and hip to the old and desperate. hmmm, that sounded bad, forgive me. i am just trying to make a point.

but i was there already so might as well enjoy the night.

suffice to say, i did enough dancing to last me another two years.

the only difference from before is that now, i behaved.


john stan: i tried the clubbing scene once but that was it. sa bed, in fact...
clubber: cool. alone?
john stan: yes, i enjoy my times alone naman.
clubber: that's cool. so how did it feel?
john stan: it was nice. but then i realized it was not for me.
john stan: siguro i have outgrown that scene already...