Monday, April 6, 2009

my tough ten

i am not sure how the conversation led to such stuff. at one point, i was just bitching around with turismoboi and tristantales and the next moment, i found myself answering tough querries worthy of boy abunda's imaginary mirror.

the rules are simple, just answer the ten questions as honest as we can. although, i should say that some of them are really over the top. but then again, question number 2 came from me which, i guess, by far, is not the easiest to answer.

10. who is your least favorite blogger and why?

not his fault, really, but i will probably feel better editing a high school paper than trying to decipher his words. so why do i come back to his blog? for sheer entertainment. i'm so bad i can see my tail wiggling in delight. nothing personal though.

9. if there's just one blog that you'll read, what is it?

hands down to chuvaness. i'm such a fan. might go to pepper lunch and bring her some flowers. i'm kidding, of course.

8. who do you think tells fabricated stories?

apparently, i'm not that bad. this one, i can't answer.

7. if there's one blogger whom you haven't met and would like to meet, who would it be and why?

it would be such a privelege to meet the wandering commuter. i want to hear the wonders he learn when he wanders.

6. if there was one thing that you'd like to write about but cannot (due to real or perceived complications) what would it be?

that would be about me being in a relationship right now. keeping it private is a conscious decision from both of us.

5. have you had sex with a blogger?

define sex. enough said.

4. have you had sex with a reader?

i wish. again, may i remind that i am being honest?

3. who is the most narcissistic/self-absorbed blogger that you know?

i do not know him personally and this is solely based on his entries in his blog. well, maybe its because i don't write my encounters here and he describes his in full details. tristan, is this you?

2. who do you want to have sex with?

he fits the picture of my ideal pang-kama guy. too bad he is a top, i think.

1. based on how you know this blogger through his (or her) blog, who would you like to be in a serious relationship with?

funny because all three of us agreed about this blogger. shit, tatlo kaming kabit!

and now i am tagging jamiedavinci, pinoypoz and bloiggster.

funny as it may seem, discussing this with friends is so much better. parang chismisan lang.


  1. hahahhahaah! my god nireveal ko ungh number 1 answer

  2. ahahahahaha and I was trying to be demure... @turismoboi hindi nga kasi ako kabit-material, excuse me! ;)

  3. can i answer for pinoypoz? kahit for number 1 lang? :D

  4. Kilala ko yung number 10. Nakwento mo na 'to saken. LOL! =)

  5. pucha naman o... bakit ako nadamay dyan?! ok fine...

  6. kilala ko si NUMBER ONE!!!! ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  7. @turismoboi: akala ko ba e sikreto natin 'yun? hehehe!

    @tristan: demure? =)

    @ruby: sure! sino ba ang bet mo?

    @mr. scheez: i did? silencio! hehehe.

    @pinoypoz: e kasi curious ako. yun lang.

    @ jamiedavinci: are you sure, jamie? teka, sino iniisip mo? hahahaha!

  8. of course my answer is YOU! You and pinoypoz are good for each other. =)

    hopefully no one gets mad... *looks at answer #6*

  9. naku introvert po ako e. hidni po ako palakwento kahit tanong niyo pa si jamie. nyahahahaha!

  10. Parang kilala ko si No. 1. Does he have a hot bod? hehe;)

  11. i saw wandering commuter, jan sa pinas by accident. and indeed it was on honor meeting him. sayang ga lang limited yung time namin. Madaming kwento yan especially kung kasama si dabo, lols

  12. ito naman si mink, cinoconvince ko ngang introvert ako eh. hahaha!

    hindi stanly seriusly, introvert po talaga ako. nyahahaha!