Tuesday, April 28, 2009

no such thing

when i stepped out of the front seat to meet you, it means i am ready. in all aspects. i thought you are, too. you showed interest, a different kind of interest. or maybe i was just reading the cards the wrong way.

i must admit i don't know how to deal with you. never have i met such a challenge. but i was drawn to you deeply and so i tried my ways.

i failed.

we are at the opposite ends of the road. like asymptotic lines, we can only get so near but never be together. i tried to reach out but my efforts were futile. you never came out of your shell to at least meet me halfway.

i know when to give up. there's no point in waiting for the one who will never come. words are just words, plain and simple. and with that, i turned my back even to the slightest flicker of hope that there might be a future for us.

because just then, there's only the us that never was.


cheesecake, hot chocolate, great music and rain; enough to make me jump into the emo bandwagon.


  1. I can totally relate. Blame it on the rain. Wahehehe

  2. aaarrghh!! hindi ako makailag.

  3. Kuya, napataas ang kilay ko dito. Alam ko ba ito? LOL! =)

    Sige na nga, wala na akong paki. =)

  4. when did love became sooooo depressing huh?? love is supposeto make us happy right??

  5. awww... hugz, my emo friend...

  6. there's only the us that never was> love it!

    joaqui: I can totally relate. Blame it on the rain. Wahehehe

    ---> no blame it to dabo... hahaha! peace@

  7. meh. im way too young for this, im going back to disney channel!

    awwwwwwww. sweetie, it's okay. hindi pa katapusa ng mundo-it just means someone's better for you out there-if it doesnt work out-go cruising again! weeeeee

    lol! i love the EXIF on the tequila shot. though the vignetting is quite an off :P