Sunday, April 12, 2009

reflections on good friday

since i started working years back, this is the first time for me to go on-duty during holy week. usually, i just go home to the province and let my lazy self enjoy the pleasures that the holidays offer. but this year was different and i have to begin accepting the tragic truth - that along with the job promotion comes the fact that i should start turning my back on the prospect of holiday vacations.

while everyone was busy preparing their getaways, i was on normal routine; wake-up at seven, report to work at eight, lunch at twelve (sometimes), home by seven (at the minimum). that's my life, yes, if you can call it one. good thing, i am able to squeeze a few nights of fun in between. however, these nights extend up to the wee hours of the morning which means i have to endure the working day ahead. think of a walking zombie; no, not the "i am legend" ones, more of "resident evil" type.

it was a good thing though, that the boss allowed us to go on half-day last friday since the operations started to normalize the night before. with nothing to do and no particular place to go, i just decided to drive around the city. bad idea. traffic. i never expected to see thousands of people converge in one small place. just then, i opted to take the opposite route.

still with no place in mind, i took the road leading to laguna. as always, traversing around cliffs and mountains compels me to think about serious stuff. i gave in to the feeling and thus, decided to proceed to lake caliraya where, for sure, i'll find my much-needed peace.

i thought about my years after college; how i was turned down in my supposed-to-be first job due to my being color blind; the jobs i took after; where i am now, personally and professionally. it was not an easy journey but i'm more than thankful that the ups outweighs the downs. true enough, the choices we make stir our directions. the game of life is different and forever we should be grateful that there are second chances.

and grateful i am for all the chances i came across.

i guess, at this point in time, i have already achieved what i have set for myself. i am now ready to take it to the next level. but not today.

because today is an expression of gratitude.

gratitude for i am able to wake up everyday without any big worries.

gratitude for there is always food on the table to feed hungry mouths.

gratitude for good health for me and my family.

gratitude for a good job.

gratitude for worthy friends.

gratitude for loving and being loved in return.

gratitude for i am able to enjoy the little things that life has to offer.

stan and zoom-zoom chilling to great music

it was there by the roadside, in front of the lake, where i thanked everyone who made a mark in my life.


life is not complicated. living life is...


  1. You are a picture of happiness and contentment. I'm so happy for you. ;)

  2. i will live vicariously through you. like you... DI RIN AKO NAIINGGIT!!:) kasuy ko pala? hehehehe

  3. @tristan: thanks. in time, i hope to see it in you as well. and not because of the chicken. =)

    @jamie: naka-reserve na ang isang kilong kasuy, hehehe.

  4. there are so many things in life that we should be thankful for!!! Thanks God, Indeed!

    Next level na! Game KNB?


  5. Like always, whenever a Mazda 3 passes in front of me, I do remember you.

    You're indeed the epitome of bliss. Happiness to you always.

  6. contentment i wish i can have one like urs

  7. hope you stay happy! It's good to take some time to reflect on things and see what you've accomplished... From there, you can set your future goals... :D

    PS. I like your car. Hahahaha :D :D :D


  8. indeed nothing beats a good and relax road trip. especially if you have a mazda 3. hahaha

  9. @mink: game na! cheers to more chances ahead.

    @mugen: thanks! happiness to you as well.

    @turismoboi: in time, cj. just hold on.

    @ruby: i agree. but more than anything, looking back always reminds me that hard work is still the key.

    @ewik: ngek! yun lang. si zoom-zoom kasi gusto daw ma-feature. =)

  10. when i was still in manila, i also made several roadtrips to laguna via antipolo-angono-morong-pakil-paete-pagsanjan-calamba-southMM route. once i did it on a good friday. culture trip esp in paete where we witnessed a grand procession of all santos. galing!

    and yes! we have to do stopovers to thank those who have helped us along all our numerous roadtrips. ;-)