Wednesday, April 22, 2009

writer's block | b-earth day

it seems that lately, my mind has been playing tricks on me. all i have are series of incoherent thoughts that even writing a short entry requires much effort. is this another anxiety attack? for what?

anyway, today, people around the world are celebrating my b-earth day. i really don't understand all the fuss over it. since i entered the workforce a few years back, never did i celebrate this day; never treated it as something special. in fact, for two years now, including last night, i was at the office as the clock strikes twelve. blame it on my less than normal routine.

so now i am 27. it doesn't feel any different, though. a few wrinkles and a bunch of gray hairs, nothing that a nice smile can't hide.

but i guess i don't have to think too much about that because like any other day, my b-earth day is business-as-usual.


my most memorable birthday is my tenth not because it is the happiest but because i ended up in the hospital. a bottle of soda accidentally exploded in front of me and shards of broken glass flew everywhere. one in particular went to the left lower part of my mouth and voila, eight stitches.