Monday, May 11, 2009

of things unplanned

it was not the first time for me to go there. for many years, i did not even consider going back to that place for in there lies youthful memories both happy and sad. aside from that, there's really no reason for me to do so but not until recently.

rain was pouring heavily when i left home. unlike any other trips i have taken before, i am taking this one alone. with my things carefully tucked inside my backpack, i prepared myself for the journey ahead, leaving all big expectations behind.

looking out of the window, i started wondering how things led to this point. a little over a week ago, we were just on our usual conversation when i suddenly popped in the big surprise. i am going there, i said. you thought i was kidding. but you know how i like doing things unplanned. i am the master of spur-of-the-moment decisions. and then you wondered whether there's some grain of truth with what i said.

as the plane started to descend, fear and excitement envelopes me. walking out of the airport, i realized that there's no turning back now. all the months of waiting brought me back to this place where, for the second time in my life, i am trying my luck at happiness. but unlike before, i came here more hopeful that things will turn out differently.

just as we had agreed, you will be meeting me at my hotel. i left my backpack in my room and decided to go down and wait for you at the lobby. now more aware of every moment, i look towards the front door everytime a cab passes by, hoping that the next one will pull over with you inside.

and there you were, after a few minutes coming out from one of them. i was looking at your every movement. with a box in one hand and a rose on another, you looked at me from outside the door and smiled.

bagsak na ang bataan.


it takes the two of you to make a relationship work, that's why you're called partners.


  1. Ay may box... kilig... box of condoms? :D

  2. i also do things unplanned, napakadaming surprises ang dumarating kapag ganun besides sa thrill na mararanasan mo.

  3. oo nga box ng ano?

  4. wow...crossing the borders...

    swerte naman niya...