Tuesday, May 19, 2009

repost | complicated

the weather is gloomy again and when it is, it gets me thinking.

are you a member of any social networking sites? hmmm, think friendster, or facebook perhaps. well, since more and more people become internet freaks these days, i'm pretty sure you are.

upon joining these sites, you will be asked a lot of personal questions such as your name, university, contact details, the usual stuff. then it gets even more personal when you come across the lists of favorites, why you joined, and i guess, the more blatant relationship status.

which brings me to the point of this post. no, there's nothing wrong asking whether you are single or in a relationship (the term being more popular now). what i find amusing is one other option that some users go for - it's complicated.

what the heck is that? how can you not be able to describe your relationship status? i do have more questions but then that would really make things way so complicated.

whether you are or are not in a relationship should be simple, right? don't get me wrong. i am not an expert in this stuff, else, i would have gotten married by the time i reached legal age. but then again, if you already see your status as complicated, how much more will it be if you go beyond it?

is it a question of love? i hope not. love may mean a lot of things to a lot of people but it should always be simple. so are relationships, because they are supposed to be based on love.

i may have my shares of biases, i know, so i won't force my views. but i also know that complicating things will only lead to a lot of head(and heart)aches. so as much as possible, do try to keep everything as simple as it should be.

and you might be wondering what the heck that picture is doing there, hmmm, it really is complicated.


it seems to me, the it's complicated thing has already transcended the internet. i got this particular answer when i asked my cousin how things are going on with her partner.
likewise, this was a friend's retort when asked about the real score between her and a colleague.


  1. changing my status from single to in a relationship happened unexpectedly...

    and there was really nothing complicated with the reason...

    simply, i fell. and still keeps on falling...

  2. Never did I declare a relationship complicated. It's either you are single or taken.

  3. i totally hear you. =) "it's complicated" is one big gray area. no one needs a gray area. =)