Wednesday, May 13, 2009

stop right now

with our tummies failing to get over the gluttony we just demonstrated in front of the buffet table, we started to embark on our next journey towards this hidden church behind the hills. a few hours ago, we barely kept silent over the long drive up but i guess at this point, none of us has the energy to start chit-chatting over the most trivial of things.

since i failed to bring lady gaga with me (to the huge disappointment of this boy from bel-air), we settled ourselves in listening to his mp3 collection in his mobile phone. it seems to me, the boy favors music from late nineties to early two thousand. no problem; all of us inside zoom-zoom are more or less aware of such stuff.

it was at this point that a certain track started to blare from the tiny speakers. the few muffled sounds that we make were replaced with complete silence to give way to the music's commanding presence. even though not one of us dared to hum during the first few lines, it became evident later that we are all waiting for the chorus to come.

if we were not in the car (with me holding the steering wheel), we would have stood up altogether and danced to the beat in all its original glory. come to think of it, i guess it would not be very difficult to perform the whole routine as we all knew it by heart.

nonetheless, our hands and arms started moving in tune with the songs unforgettable lines. funny; i can only imagine people's reactions should they see these four guys singing and dancing as if there's no tomorrow (a ewan, eat your hearts out!).

stop right now, thank you very much
i need somebody with a human touch
hey you, always on the run
gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun.

and everytime i hear the song, this little episode comes to mind. indeed, we are all fans of spice girls whether we admit it or not. we even jokingly tagged one another with our very own aliases. too bad there were only four of us then.

and until this day, baby spice is still missing.


i believe even the most discreet of us guys still became huge fans. "stop" pa lang 'yan. imagine what we could have done if the song was "wannabe".


  1. most of us know that routine of course.

    then after nung stop, wannabe nga sunod then end with a kabooom with spice up your life,

    what a photo finish the production number would be, of course still inside the car.

  2. oh my god!!!!!!


    bazta ko c pozh hahaha!

  3. Okay, okay fine... Tinanggap ko naman agad diba, ako si Scary Spice...

  4. Hindi ako Spice Girls Fan. Hindi! Hindi! Hindi!

    *whispers* Haa See Yah, Hold Tight!


  5. Stan, believe it or not, sa barkada ko na puro lalake at ako lang ang hindi straight and no one knows. Pero nung time na nag-play ang kantang yan sa shuffle list, talagang kumanta kami.

    They even know the steps at siyempre sumayaw kami. hehehe. Yun time kasi na yun eh gumagawa kami ng thesis. Nagconcert kami para mawala lang ang stress. :p

  6. i was never a fan but i know the dance step of this song by heart. hahaha!

  7. Utang na loob!

    Ano ba!

    Hindi ako fan ng group na ito! Hindi! Hindi! Hindi!

    Gusto ko lang si Ginger Spice at Posh Spice. Yun lang! =P

  8. You could ask Jhaycee to be the 5th member. He's the youngest among those I've met already. :)