Sunday, May 31, 2009

a zombie yet again

yesterday's night out has been a really fantastic way to end my hectic week.

a lot of friends were wondering what in the world has been happening to me lately due to limited updates in twitter as well as my failure to post a new blog entry. forgive me for the moment as the john persona takes over full time because of my upcoming projects in the next two months. the tasks require my undivided attention (undivided daw?) considering the limited time given to us to execute all the planned activities.

we are currently in the process of connecting the plant's control system architecture to our headquarters in the swine flu country. it's really not that tedious but the main concern is that we're working with people in a different time zone and most of the activities are done via netmeeting. we hope to finish the project by mid-june and we're quite positive with this target since all major jobs such as firewall set-up, among others, were already done.

by july, counterparts from australia will be arriving here at the plant for the execution of project number two. we will be upgrading an obsolete control system and integrate this part of the operation in the central server. this will be the last phase of a million-dollar project that we started first quarter of last year.

after this, i have nothing more to do. teka, does that mean i'm losing my job already?

anyway, as i was saying, yesterday was such a breather for me. the fun started right before lunch when i fetched my sister from her apartment in tayuman. she's currently attending review classes in preparation for the nursing board next weekend. knowing that traffic will be so bad at that time, i just decided to leave zoom-zoom at gateway and take the train ride towards manila. good decision for we were already back in cubao in less than an hour.

we had a hearty lunch at superbowl followed by a marathon of stall-hopping as my sister is looking for a bag that she will be using during her exams. funny thing is that after all the gruelling walk, she's not able to buy anything while i ended up with a new pair of shoes. (note to self: stay away from shoe shops for the mean time, john. you still have two pairs barely used and now you bought another one. wait, sanuks are not shoes!)

next plan was dinner with friends and i arrived at trinoma at around eight in the evening. i was still full from all that chinese food so i just had some pasta. but i am a true blue ice cream fanatic that's why i didn't say no to that superb sundae from cold rock.

we were supposed to go to red box afterwards but the place is already packed so off we went to music 21 in timog. i'm not really sure if music likes me but i did try a few songs. still, i think the whole week has already taken its toll. amidst the belting of ms. philippines-visayas, i fell asleep on the couch.

suffice to say, i got home at around four thirty in the morning today.

but i'm already working again by eight.

shit, i must have really loved my job.


sometimes, work becomes such a hassle, energy-draining even. but the fact is, it pays the bills. though its ideal to save for the rainy days, its good that we reward ourselves from time to time. its a small token for all our efforts, time and energy. now go and buy yourselves a new pair of shoes as well.


  1. now, after reading thi spost, i really need to find a job.

    naks, kuyang kuya lang! hehehe.

    goodluck sa sister mo!