Tuesday, June 30, 2009

of pandemic flu and janet jackson

what's wrong with this picture?

nothing really except that this is the last slide of a powerpoint presentation about pandemic influenza. we were told by the lecturer (who is a nice old lady doctor) that this is the generic presentation given by the department of health to increase awareness about the disease.

that photo of ms. piggy doing a janet jackson boob slip is really quite disturbing.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

on our fourth

its been four months already since we decided to take the journey together. more than a thousand miles later, here we are charting our course with love our compass and forever our destination.

the roads ahead are uncertain but rest assured that i will always keep the one and only promise i made and you asked,

my honesty.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

venting out

it was my mom's birthday last saturday so i decided to go home for the weekend. it may not be a big deal to some but i make it a point to go home to the province to spend special ocassions with the family. even if it would be just for a short time, i try to make the most of such vacations by catching up on my dad's fantastic cooking and our very inviting sofa bed which already has my name on it.

however, the quiet sojourn i was hoping to enjoy was cut short when i found out that this pathetic cousin of mine run away from home and chose to stay with us. don't get me wrong. he is part of the family and we do extend our hand to each other in times of need. the thing is, we, his cousins, have already lost our patience to his seemingly never-ending habit of bringing trouble into the house. i assure you, we have every reason to feel this way.

he is everything i don't want to become; jobless and living with his parents at 30, separated with one kid whom he's not able to support by himself, a liar, a cheater, a thief. i will probably run-out of negative adjectives to describe his behavior. sometimes, i wonder what happened to that little cute boy from years back. we grew up together and for a time, he was my best friend.

good thing he was not in the house when i arrived. he must have known that i'll be coming home. i found out from my folks that he left last friday to attend to some "businesses" and will be back by monday, at which time i would already be here in manila. after losing some considerable amount to him, i don't know what i would do should we see each other face to face.

but in spite of everything, i am still hoping that this cousin of mine will learn his lessons. matanda na siya. its time for him to realize the consequence of his actions and be man enough to admit his mistakes and not blame them on the people around him.

if he can't do it for himself, at least do it for his little girl.


at the end of it all, what we will become in the future depends on our choices and decisions today.

Monday, June 15, 2009


it was something i used to do years and years ago. i know for a fact that the end result is not very promising but i still would like to give it one more chance. however, this means that i have to give up certain things that i most definitely enjoy at the moment.

this morning, i already spoke to my connections just to confirm how much the thing would cost me. i initially thought it would be more expensive now but after getting the figures and checking my finances, i found out i can still include it in my list. five figures ain't that bad, right?

i guess there's no stopping now. i'm going there later this week to observe, possibly, check all the ins and outs, before dipping my hands.

but i must admit, i still have my reservations. what pushes me forward is the fact that if i don't do it now, i may not be able to do it again in the future.

hmmm... too much worries. time for stan to take over.


should i or should i not? that is the question.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


today marks the 111th anniversary of philippine independence.

i know to some people it will sound corny but i have always felt proud knowing that amidst the hardships and difficulties we are facing today as a nation, at least we are not living under suppression and tyranny anymore. we can always hold our heads up high and shout to the world that we are, indeed, free.

however, the past 111 years should have given us the proper lessons already. heroes come and go but it seems the filipino people still does not know which direction to take. the youth are the hope of the nation, one famous adage that i have heard countless times before. thing is, generations after generations of youth has already been born and died but we always go back to squre one. that's harsh. squre two perhaps, if there's such a thing.

blame it on crab mentality, yes, i can imagine a lot of gleeful nods. shame on us. why not blame ourselves? that's one part of the problem. we always look for something or someone else to blame.

but regardless of everything, i still have high hopes for this nation. everyone is leaving, i know; to put food on their tables, i know; to search for greener pastures, i know. but i don't want to be the one who turned my back on my country.

the way towards national empowerment is still foggy. what lies ahead, we are not sure but going forward is always the best option. i hope to see the day that filipinos once again are united, but not only in a manny pacquiao match.

hmmm, i know i'm getting too serious already. on the lighter side, holidays are good. that means no work, or if there is, bigger pay. but what i have observed lately is that we are now on the habit of moving holidays. i don't think its cool. i mean, come on, imagine moving christmas, or worse, imagine moving your birthday.

well, maybe its always the thought that counts. but let me just say this, freedom is more than just displaying our flag during this day. we've earned it. let's use it to march forward.


a year after this entry was written, i see no visible indication that we are moving forward as a nation. in fact, events of recent days show otherwise. but like i said, it is never too late. hope springs eternal.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

until then

fly and be free

for your next journey awaits

towards a land of uncertainty,

towards a promise of new beginnings.


be safe, my friend.

Monday, June 8, 2009

filler | facebook

today would have been another cruel monday if not for the first work-related e-mail that i read. with report due: calibration on the subject line, i immediately opened it and almost ended up on the floor with tears streaming down my face.

in fairness, bumenta sakin. babaw talaga ng kaligayahan...


the weekend has passed and i'm looking forward to another grueling work-week ahead. but this is no ordinary weekend, you guys know about that. kaya kahit busy-busyhan sa trabaho.... kever!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

almost a surprise

tired and soaking wet from the heavy downpour, i went down to have dinner at half past eight. it would be another ten-minute walk to the canteen and for someone who has been work-laden the whole day, i look forward to having a sumptuous meal before retiring and calling it a day.

as i walked past the lady guard, i heard her call my name.

sir john stanley, may package ka.

she handed me a big lbc-printed plastic bag. earlier in the day, i received a message from someone asking me if something has already arrived in the mail. this is what he's talking about then.


as soon as i entered the canteen, i opened the box to see what's inside. i couldn't suppress a smile as i saw his gifts. he's such a sweet fellow. and his timing is just perfect.

a curious colleague stopped by my side for a while to look.

"pare, uso na pala yan ngayon? lalake na binibigyan ng ganyan..."

i remember answering him with a non-sensical hehehe. my mind started wandering already as happy thoughts surged inside.

i called him up to say thanks. babawi ako sa weekend, i added.

ten-minutes after our conversation, my phone was ringing again.

sir, you're needed back now.