Wednesday, June 3, 2009

almost a surprise

tired and soaking wet from the heavy downpour, i went down to have dinner at half past eight. it would be another ten-minute walk to the canteen and for someone who has been work-laden the whole day, i look forward to having a sumptuous meal before retiring and calling it a day.

as i walked past the lady guard, i heard her call my name.

sir john stanley, may package ka.

she handed me a big lbc-printed plastic bag. earlier in the day, i received a message from someone asking me if something has already arrived in the mail. this is what he's talking about then.


as soon as i entered the canteen, i opened the box to see what's inside. i couldn't suppress a smile as i saw his gifts. he's such a sweet fellow. and his timing is just perfect.

a curious colleague stopped by my side for a while to look.

"pare, uso na pala yan ngayon? lalake na binibigyan ng ganyan..."

i remember answering him with a non-sensical hehehe. my mind started wandering already as happy thoughts surged inside.

i called him up to say thanks. babawi ako sa weekend, i added.

ten-minutes after our conversation, my phone was ringing again.

sir, you're needed back now.


  1. aww. how sweet, nilalanggam ako dito!

  2. Ay ako bakit walang package na ganun? Hahaha.

  3. nakakakilig naman!

  4. may meaning daw kapag binigyan ng roses at chocolates... o baka bitter lang ako! hahahaha!