Monday, June 15, 2009


it was something i used to do years and years ago. i know for a fact that the end result is not very promising but i still would like to give it one more chance. however, this means that i have to give up certain things that i most definitely enjoy at the moment.

this morning, i already spoke to my connections just to confirm how much the thing would cost me. i initially thought it would be more expensive now but after getting the figures and checking my finances, i found out i can still include it in my list. five figures ain't that bad, right?

i guess there's no stopping now. i'm going there later this week to observe, possibly, check all the ins and outs, before dipping my hands.

but i must admit, i still have my reservations. what pushes me forward is the fact that if i don't do it now, i may not be able to do it again in the future.

hmmm... too much worries. time for stan to take over.


should i or should i not? that is the question.


  1. It has to be either...
    a) signing up for a gym membership
    b) getting a girlfriend
    c) going for a boob job?

  2. i love the choicez pinoypoz

  3. may feeling ako real estate ito... naks naman!

  4. getting a child?

    magresign sa work at humanap ng iba?

    o bumili ng bahay/ condo unit?

  5. on a second though, is it about buying an iphone?

    99 dollar na lang yung luma eh, tapos 199 dollars na lang yung bagong released na iphone 3gs

  6. hmmm, are you getting a new camera?


  7. @pinoypoz and turismoboi: pagbuhulin ko kayong dalawa e, hehehe. =)

    @ewik: pwede rin.

    @period: wala sa budget ang iphone e. maybe next time.

    @nobe: nope, my dslr still works perfectly. thanks for dropping by. =)

  8. ahhhh! buhol buhol!? magti-trim ka no?

  9. hahahahaha.... natuwa ako kay pinoypoz....

    hmmmmmmmmm mukhang magkakaroon na ng bagong tahanan si john stan.....")

    but whatever it is, sana maging bonggang bongga ang outcome..... go.