Tuesday, June 23, 2009

venting out

it was my mom's birthday last saturday so i decided to go home for the weekend. it may not be a big deal to some but i make it a point to go home to the province to spend special ocassions with the family. even if it would be just for a short time, i try to make the most of such vacations by catching up on my dad's fantastic cooking and our very inviting sofa bed which already has my name on it.

however, the quiet sojourn i was hoping to enjoy was cut short when i found out that this pathetic cousin of mine run away from home and chose to stay with us. don't get me wrong. he is part of the family and we do extend our hand to each other in times of need. the thing is, we, his cousins, have already lost our patience to his seemingly never-ending habit of bringing trouble into the house. i assure you, we have every reason to feel this way.

he is everything i don't want to become; jobless and living with his parents at 30, separated with one kid whom he's not able to support by himself, a liar, a cheater, a thief. i will probably run-out of negative adjectives to describe his behavior. sometimes, i wonder what happened to that little cute boy from years back. we grew up together and for a time, he was my best friend.

good thing he was not in the house when i arrived. he must have known that i'll be coming home. i found out from my folks that he left last friday to attend to some "businesses" and will be back by monday, at which time i would already be here in manila. after losing some considerable amount to him, i don't know what i would do should we see each other face to face.

but in spite of everything, i am still hoping that this cousin of mine will learn his lessons. matanda na siya. its time for him to realize the consequence of his actions and be man enough to admit his mistakes and not blame them on the people around him.

if he can't do it for himself, at least do it for his little girl.


at the end of it all, what we will become in the future depends on our choices and decisions today.


  1. ano kaya ang mangyayari if naabutan mo ang pinsan mo?

    may sabunutan kayang mangyayari? hehehe

  2. nazhare mo na ckn itong ztory na ito i remember!

  3. at jompalin mo ng bonggang bongga.....