Monday, July 13, 2009

chronicles | chocolates

he is one year older than me but i insisted to call him daddy for good reasons, well, his wife and three kids. we've been in contact for quite some time already, doing such stuff which you don't normally do over yahoo messenger. he works in a bank in saudi. his wife works in italy. his kids, i think, live with their grannies.

apparently, he's going home for the holidays and he wants to meet up. now who am i to say no, right?

the funny thing is that he will be arriving one day before his wife. it seems that both of them will be home after all. i can already picture a nice little family, with kids smiling ear to ear, happy to see mom and dad. if they only knew.

i offered to fetch him at the airport but he declined. he said that all accommodations have been pre-arranged prior to leaving the middle east. he just wants me to go straight to his hotel. as i was coming from work, i told him that i'll pick him up instead to dine out and then we'll go back to his hotel after.

the first meeting wasn't that awkward. he is still as hunky as the first night i saw him on cam. and that tight butt is sending chills down my groin.

we had a quick bite somewhere in makati while sharing stories of escapades and pursuits (not necessarily of "that" kind). i asked him if he wants to go some place else but he told me that he just wants to go back to his room and rest. this he said with a naughty grin.

upon entering his hotel room, i already knew what will happen next. he grabbed this thing between my legs as he whispered, "i've been wanting to hold this for the longest time!".

"i'm yours tonight.", my husky voice filling the silence inside the room.

we woke up early the next morning; i, to go home and he, to fetch his wife.

"by the way, i have something for you.", he said, taking something from his bag.




i tried writing a homoerotic entry but it seems i am not brave enough to do that kind of storytelling. i guess there really are things which are best kept private.


  1. Sometimes, it is best to write homoerotic entries which are sparse on details.

    Especially when the subject is about our own exploits.

  2. wait--aren't you... uhm, not single? wahaha. :)

  3. i was slowly moving towards handing over the virgin crown to joaqui... john stan... i'm flabbergasted!!

  4. : that's just wrong the man has a family... karma is crouching in... but heck it takes two to tango. choices, look what brought thee? Hersheys? LOL

  5. "i tried writing a homoerotic entry but it seems i am not brave enough to do that kind of storytelling."

    Uhm, Johnstan... so ano ang tawag mo sa story na 'to? HETERO-erotic?! Hahaha!

    Lighten up, guys. It's a story. =)

  6. feeling ko totoo eto etchoz! hahaha!

  7. katuwa ang mga comments at [violent] reactions. guys, look at the labels. =)

    @joelmcvie - ay oo nga, mali ako, hehehe. i meant "a homoerotic entry rich in detail a la xerex xaviera". lols.

  8. hindi pa ba ito homoerotic? na-turn on ako, pramis. nagkaroon ako ng masidhing pananabik. sa chocolate. hehe! :)