Tuesday, July 28, 2009

exit in style

one of my friends tied the knot last saturday and considering my stand against formal clothing, i would not have attended the event but she gave me a part in the ceremonies. that left me no choice but to take out my barong from the dusty closet to see the sun again.

there were only a few people inside the church but i guess it really does not matter at that time. what is important is that the couple's family and closest friends were there to witness them exchanging vows. come to think of it, the wedding in itself is already unconventional in so many ways. there were surprises all over and i think this is what made it more special.

but the ultimate surprise came from the groom. and it left the crowd cheering big time. even the spectators outside the church. everyone was clapping and shouting in unison as the newlyweds start to ascend the thing that will take them to the reception area.

yup, the thing.

the couple as they walk towards...

... the thing.

a fun day it was, indeed.


and i thought this stuff only happens in the movies...


  1. fire truck talaga? ang galing ha! naiiba! :)

  2. http://aikcomo.blogspot.com say:

    i hope the reception is not that far, i can not imagine the drive in "that thing" for more than 5 minutes in a bridal gown and all the flare.