Sunday, July 19, 2009


what do you do the first time you see snow?

you take a picture, of course.

o di ba, parang tanga lang?


with nothing to do, i found myself browsing through old photos. indeed, time passes by so fast.


  1. ipiprint ko yang picture mo tapos ididikit ko sa dingding. magyayaya ng mga bata tapos sasabihin ko:

    'OK kids, maglaro tayo, magdrawing ng mata, ilong at bibig dun sa picture na nakapiring ang mga mata!'


  2. which reminds me, matagal nang nasa "to do" list ko ang pag-aalbum ng mga lumang photos.

    natawa naman ako sa comment ni mike! :)

  3. first time i encountered snow was when i was in shanghai. not really the blanketing kind like the one in ur pic, but significant enough for me to comment "oh... it's like dandruff from the sky!". so there, i didn't take pics, i COMMENT! ahahaha.

    actually, i had more fun playing with the mist my breath makes in the frigid air... and the steam ur pee makes when u take a piss. ahahahaha!

  4. says maybe Mike is a teacher. first snow even if you were not suppose to go out and play in the blizzard, some one did and forced another someone to take the picture and both ended with terrible chills and a few laughs (green tea at tulog lang ang katapat ng colds LOL)