Sunday, August 30, 2009

before starting over

more than a year has passed yet i am still haunted by your memories. i won't deny it anymore. i have moved on but not completely. i guess not until i find out the reason why we went our separate ways.

it seems that, after all, a proper closure is of utmost importance. true, we said our final goodbyes already. but the fact remains that back then, we decided to do it because it's the easiest thing to do. we never had the courage to deal with the bigger issues. we both ran away.

after you, i tried building new relationships. but in doing so, i failed. for i am always reminded of our good times together. funny, now that i'm thinking about it, we never had any major fights, only simple disagreements.

perhaps, what we had unconsciously became my standards. for as much as we intend not to, most of the time, we do compare the bonds we share with our partners, both old and new. sad, indeed, because it is very hard to compete with memories.

now that i'm starting over again, i feel that it is but right and proper to go back to you and for the last time, ask you to take a journey with me, to where it all started and ended between us. for right there may be the answer to our questions, for both our peace of mind.

i remember we did try to talk about it the last time i went to you but fear got the best of us. maybe then, we were not yet ready. i hope that now, after one year, we are facing each other wiser and more mature than before.

like what you always say back then, we'll never get away from each other that easily. i believe you now.

see you on saturday.


  1. I'm speechless pero hindi din. LOL. Pati ikaw, nakikistart over? Jusko. Pati ikaw may hang ups? Jusko. Pati ikaw kelangan ng closure? Jusko. Ayoko na. Che.

  2. I can relate to this kuya. Kelangang kelangan (read: KAILANGAN) ng proper closure.

    I hope you find the answer(s). =)

  3. ano 'to? anong pangyayari ang naganap? pero whatever it is, take your back subjects so you can graduate. with honors. hehe

  4. Wish you all the best dude.

  5. Sometimes, answers are luxuries but if you can afford to buy then, go for it!

    I hope you'll find those answers on Saturday.

  6. hmmm... napag-isip ako sa post na ito.

    sabagay, minsan talaga kailangang harapin ang mga multo ng nakaraan para makapag-move on nang walang takot.

    good luck, my friend. :)

  7. Good luck. Hope u find what ur looking for. :-)