Tuesday, August 4, 2009

bloody monday

this is not for the faint of heart.

yesterday, i joined our company's blood donation activity. when asked how many times i've done this in the past, it was only then that i was able to realize that i've been donating my blood for the last ten years.

it all started during my rotc days. i was one of those frequent absentees during weekend trainings and in order to pass the course, we were given several options and one of them was participating in blood-letting activities with red cross. i am not really afraid of needles so i see no problem with doing this. back then, the only driving force to do it is to complete my requirements.

however, as years passed, i was able to learn the importance of donating my blood. first, the blood i give will be of great help to others in need especially in times of extreme emergencies. secondly, my body will function in such a way to replenish the blood i lost and in turn produce new and fresh blood in my system. hey, any doctors out there who can help me explain this better?

i do have one caution though. i always make sure that i donate only to red cross. if a certain hospital will host the activity and invite participants, i just politely decline. why? because red cross does it for free while hospitals, especially private ones, sell the blood to their patients.

anyway, one funny thing that happened yesterday was when this colleague of mine was dared by our friends to donate his blood. he kept saying that he did it before but you can clearly see the fear in his actions. when he completed the forms, we found out that he's doing it for the first time.

much to our surprise (and probably delight at the same time), he looks as if he's going to faint when his name was called. i was already done by this time and lying beside the only vacant bed. he was asked to lie down as well and the minute the needle was about to be inserted, he held my arms, looked at me, then shut his eyes.

that was not expected and yes, his palm is cold as ice.


even a macho man has his fears. even so, he still looks pathetic.


  1. My mother always wanted me to become a doctor.

    Unfortunately for her, I go woozy at the sight of the bright red liquid.

    Good thing I never had to give blood, though. My piercings have seen to that.

    And speaking of pathetic macho men when faced with their fears, you should see me squaring off against a mouse.

    Then again, maybe not.

  2. waaaahhhh. kung anuman ang tawag sa phobia sa dugo ako yun.... aaaaahhh!!

  3. Ako gusto ko magdonate ng dugo... sino may gusto? Hehehe.