Tuesday, August 18, 2009

fun stuff

this one's cool. i am not really a fan of horoscopes but this is the first time i have encountered such negative stuff about me being born under the sign of taurus.

i love it.


I am a Taurus.
(Also known as "Bull")
My Horoscope starts like this:
" Petty, annoying and a whiny pain in the neck, a Taurus loves to brown-nose and is often a snitch to boot. In life and work, always blows with the wind, and runs to answer to his supperiors' smallest whim. " (Read more | Find yours)


well, another busy day ahead. gotta' run...


  1. Eeeeeeehhhh... Taurus din ako eh!!! Kainis ka, I'll make you sumbong...

  2. hahaha!ayokong tignan yung sa akin... baka tumaas lang ang kilay ko... good day ahead!

  3. hmmm earth sign.