Sunday, August 2, 2009

not just a woman in yellow

i woke up yesterday greeted by the news of cory's death. this may come as no surprise to everybody knowing that her condition worsens as days pass but situations like this are really unexpected.

for us who were born during the dark times, we remember the role of this icon in bringing back democracy to our country. but beyond that, we tend to forget that she is also a wife who lost a husband and a mother to children who lost their father. tragic as it was, she was able to rise up and be one of the best leaders this country has ever had.

those were good times. the philippines became a center of global attention. we were admired not only by our neighbors but also by the world's superpowers. our actions inspired others to take the same direction. i must admit, remembering this makes me truly proud to be a filipino.

and behind this piece of yesterday stands a woman of great courage. let us all celebrate her life and thank her for she left a wondeful gift to this country, perhaps, the best gift in recent history.


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