Monday, August 10, 2009

wait a minute

in a meeting a month before our project started,

me: sir, can we schedule the shutdown of the main equipment during the integration process?

the boss: why? what are the risks?

me: the main equipment might stop unexpectedly while integrating the new system since we are doing everything simultaneously. theoretically, it should not stop, however, since we've never done it before, let us try to manage this risk by shutting it down for an hour. that way, all our activities will be focused on the integration only. the whole process will just take an hour and we can resume immediately after.

the boss: i think we should not schedule a shutdown of our main equipment. if it stops, then let us just resume again right after you're done.

me: noted, sir.

a while ago, we proceeded with the integration process and just as i thought, the main equipment suddenly stopped.

the boss: what happened?

me: sir, we were integrating when it stopped.

the boss: how come you never told us that there is a risk of stopping?

me: ah... eh...


i was holding an adjustable wrench when this conversation occurred. good thing i was able to restrain myself from banging it in my boss' head.


  1. And this, my dear boy, is why you need everything written down in black-and-white and signed. Preferably in blood.

    Or at the very least, have someone videotape your meetings for later review. You can annotate them on YouTube now, I understand.

    Gotta cover your ass, baby, if you don't want it handed to you.

  2. "hirap kasi maging ULYANIN eh noh?!!! tsaka tanga eh no?!!!"

    sana yan ang sinagot mo.... hihihihihi

  3. tama si rudeboy, always make sure to cover your ass! :)

  4. i maintain a separate boss folder containing all his email approvals/disapprovals/confirmations. very handy for blackmails, er blackEmails...

  5. haay nko mga tao talaga. kakarelate ako nyan dude.

  6. hahaha. i can totally relate. bawas ka na din sa pork at beans

  7. Seems like my lucky stars were there when I was the OIC. No serious trouble ever hampered our operations when I was running the floor alone. LOL.

    How were you able to pull an excuse?

  8. guys, it was a good thing that other attendees of the meeting were there and remembered about me bringing out the possiblity of encountering trouble in our operation. they covered my ass for me, hehehe!

  9. you should have told him:

    well sir, i actually did earlier. Maybe you just weren't listening.


  10. just face the reality blindly: Boss is always right.

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  11. Maybe your boss just has a lot of things in his mind? :-)