Sunday, September 6, 2009

roadside rendezvous

i was driving along libis very much aware of the man sitting beside me. the situation was all too familiar, reminiscent of events that took place more than a year before. however, i cannot remember us being silent, both careful not to let words come out which could lead to something we might regret in the end.

dinner was great. the mood was lighter than what i have expected considering that we haven't seen each other for the last eighteen months. true, there was a moment of hesitation for i did question myself if i was ready to face him but it would be too late to back out. it should be now, or never.

we talked and it was no easy conversation. in searching for our answers, we have to once again go back to that part of our history where the sky is not always blue, where the world is not always happy. but life has been good to us and so we were able to accept that our time together has already passed and both has to move on towards living fulfilling lives with others.

and his response to my question is more than enough to assure me that everything will be all right.

we were on our way to the east when my thoughts were interrupted. i felt his fingers caressing my right ear, fostering a new kind of tension in the air.

"what are you doing?", i asked, trying to make sure the tone of my voice do not invite him to go further.

"i missed you. i missed this.", he said, his hands slowly moving to its target.


"ayaw mo?"

"sinabi ko ba?"

"pull over."

"yes, attorney."


after all this time, he still knows me. he still knows how to light my fire.


  1. I'm sitting at the backseat, watching his every move. Nyahahahaha.

  2. Ooh that "first love" tag.

    Say no more.

  3. am i missing things here? or dense? or both?

  4. First love will always be there even though ur not together anymore. Sabi ni ugly betty and naniniwala ako sa kanya. hihi.

    Kaloka post mo ha. hehe.

  5. kinilig ako...

    and ingit din ako.

    parang mga linya lang sa pelikula ah!

  6. huwaw. kilig. haha