Wednesday, October 7, 2009

zooming a year after

my baby and i has just turned one.

it was the same day last year when i picked you up at sm marikina. you were supposed to be delivered at my place but i decided to just meet up with my agent so i could take you for a ride.

i still remember when i stepped into the parking lot. i can already see you from afar, your shiny red frame gleaming from the reflection of the night lights. excitement overwhelmed me, like a virgin moments before his first fuck. that night, we had our first journey together - a twenty kilometer-ride ending in one explosive orgasm.

one year after, we celebrate our ups and downs together. every inch of you tells a story, of successes and failures, of victories and defeats. you became a witness to my transformation, a close friend in time of deep solitude. you became a test of my patience, too. remember when i changed a tire while parked precariously in a zigzag road on the way to the south? damn you! (lambing lang.)

pero in fairness, ang tibay mo. hindi ka man lang nagasgasan 'nung sinubukan nating testingin kung matibay 'yung fortuner. galing!

but kidding aside, i know i made the right decision when i chose you. and for that, i promise to keep you within the family, for as long as you can. don't worry, after two years, i'll get you all pimped up - new spoilers, wrap-around skirting, fancy lights, all that stuff. but you'll stay red.

in the future, i know a few will still come but don't fret. because nothing can change this one fact,

you'll always be my zoom-zoom.


after one year, zoom is still "clean", if you know what i mean.


  1. Isang bonggang bonggang hmmmmm...

  2. after one year, zoom is still "clean", if you know what i mean.

    TSE! unang gabi niyo nga may big O na naganap... hahahaha echoz...

    Zoom zoom....

  3. wala ba??? eh ano yung nangyari dun.. ay wag na. hahaha!

    Happy birthday kay zoom zoom!

  4. Home is where Zoom Zoom is. That's what I felt the first time I sat on the passenger seat. :)

    Happy Birthday to your babe.

  5. yey! one year na si Raido a.k.a. Zoom Zoom.

  6. ingatan si zoom zoom..ganda niya!este astig pala

  7. nice ride. even nicer is you keeping it clean a year after. ;)

  8. Nothing like a red ride through the 'hood.

  9. happy birthday sa kanya. na-miss ko tuloy baby ko. maroon yung sa akin at malaki yun. mahilig ako sa malaki!

  10. happy bday sa kanya sana mkasakay ako lol

  11. nice,first time ko sa blog mo and anniv nyo pa!wow congrats!keep it up

  12. This words speaks alot of love, sincerity and the vision to make the relationship better!! congrats!