Monday, November 9, 2009

coming out... sort of | part one

to those of you who are fans of the fabcasters, yes, i am johnny.

and to those of you who are my facebook friends, yes again, that's her.

come to think of it, dating girls is not really new to me. i have had three girlfriends before i decided to jump over the fence. and no, i am not your regular college jock back then but i had my fair share of wild abandon with girls whose names i barely remember.

i never had any so-called dramatic tragic past that made me what i am right now. i am the eldest of two siblings, the younger one, a girl. but i grew up with straight cousins. we would play straight boys' games, pick on nerdy kids and fight until our noses bleed.

growing up, i found myself enlisting in rotc, joining a fraternity, making a name in quiz bowl competitions (read: including battle of the brains; so 90's) and building a career in student politics while at the same time maintaining my status as an ace student. funny, i never really understand it then but it seems i am already attracting people unintentionally.

secret crushes, love notes, indirect date invitations... tsk, tsk, tsk.

then came senior year and i was at the top of my game. i was with my girlfriend of one year, fresh from my victory in a national quiz competition, student council head and gearing up to ensure graduation with latin honors when things started moving towards another direction.

simply put, i kissed a girl and i liked it. however, i kissed a boy too, and i liked it even better.

of course, i never knew about that.

at least, not until i met bert.

to be continued...


  1. *goes to Facebook and ...*

    Bwahahaha, joke lang. :D

  2. juskopolordnamahabaginsalangit






  3. Asan na! Waaah! Andaya. Bakit ito napost while I was sleeping? Hahaha.

  4. pics! pics! pics! at pumayat ka na daw ng bonggang bongga? :)

  5. @ruby: hahaha, nakita mo na... bilis talaga!

    @ternie: di ba ikaw din? hahaha!

  6. @mksurf8 / @tristan: nasa facebook 'yung photos. no ba? friends pa naman tayo dun, hahaha!

    @rudeboy: si ruby ang witness ko, hehehe!

  7. @engel: hehehe, gay pa din kahit lesbiana. LOLs

    @gibbs: friends din tayo sa facebook, teh. open my profile, hahaha! teka sino naman ang may sabi nyang bonggang balita na yan? ;)

  8. alam ko na ang mga ito. fast forward please. hihihihi =P

  9. "i kissed a girl and i liked it. however, i kissed a boy too, and i liked it even better."

    natawa naman ako dito... when 1st time ko ginawa un I LIKE IT ALSO LOL...

  10. simply put, i kissed a girl and i liked it. however, i kissed a boy too, and i liked it even better. -- gusto ko to!!!

  11. you are absolutely right, sino ang hindi makakalimot sa mga first.. tc. pero parang kagabi lang ang lahat.