Wednesday, November 11, 2009

coming out... sort of | part two

coming out... sort of | part one

simply put, i kissed a girl and i liked it. however, i kissed a boy too, and i liked it even better.

of course, i never knew about that.

at least, not until i met bert.


yes, that's his real name.

but there are tons of berts in this world that it is unlikely anyone of you knows him so what's the point of hiding. well, ask me his family name and i'll just keep my mouth shut.

so where was i?

ah yes, i was a virgin before bert; with guys, that is. i first met him in manila when i attended a student conference. he is the head of this organization in a famous university from the south. but they do have a house in fort bonifacio where his father is assigned. oh, by the way, he is the son of a general.

have you ever had this experience of liking one person even on the first time of meeting them? i guess that's what happened to us. we barely knew each other and yet we instantly hit it off. we'd attend sessions together and even take our meal breaks at the same time. other times, we'd sneak out from the lecture hall and just go out and stroll around. that's what we did for five days.

of course, we continued to be in contact with each other even after that event. we'd update each other about what's going on with our lives. he'd tell me of his scheduled trips to manila hoping that i would be able to meet with him. but i never did. i never had the time.

but then came december and i was invited to attend another convention in cebu. i sent him a message asking if he's coming as well. he replied that he is so we decided to arrive together so that we will be billeted in the same room. problem is, we came late and we were assigned a suite with a double-sized bed. awkward indeed, but we considered each other close friends so i guess it's fine to us both. plus, we really never had any other choice.

now, let me make it clear. i don't have any problems with guys sleeping together in one bed as long as we do just that, sleep. it concerns me, however, when the guy you're sleeping with had his hard-on poking your behind. it happened on our fourth night. i told him about it and bert said that he was just teasing to which i said was not a good joke.

we barely spoke on our last day. i was silent the whole time but i can sense that he wants to apologize. he managed to do so over lunch. i told him that i don't want us to part ways in bad terms.

we were both flying back morning of the next day so we went to bed early that night. i was about to doze off to dreamland when i felt his hands caressing my arms. as if this is not enough, i felt him move closer to me. and then, that familiar hard-on again.

without saying a word, i got up from the bed, ready to walk away. but as i did, he got up quickly as well and hug me tightly, my back against him.

i heard his uneasy breathing near my ears. and then a whisper.

"i've been wanting to do this for the longest time."

to be continued...


  1. John Stan: ano yung gusto nyang gawin for the longest time?

    i'm very dalisay, busika, anf mayumi, you know.


    Rude: i think this warrants more than beer and popcorn!

  2. what's up with people leaving cliffhanger endings when they're getting to the good part of the story?!



  3. Engel: there's such a thing as delayed gratification.

    it's very good for the EQ hahahhaha

  4. nakakakilig at nakaka-excite talaga ang first time! naalala ko tuloy noong na-devirginize ako... charot hahaha! friend, i am eagerly waiting for the continuation. :)

  5. wow... pang nifty..... ahahahahahaha

  6. haha familiar ang story sa akin, nakwento ng friend ko sa akin yan. from south yung friend niya at anak ng general na may bahay sa fort bonifacio

    aabangan ko ang continuation ng story

  7. i mean, not your story, parang similar lang

  8. @ternie: abangan ang susunod na kabanata, hehehe! ;)

    @rie / @maxwell: soon, guys. :)

    @engel: i agree with ternie. and masarap naman na binibitin na konti, right? ;)

  9. @aris: hahaha, i wonder what happened on your first time. kwento mo rin, friend.

    @yj: hahaha, you think? :)

    @xtian: baka naman isang tao lang yun. afraid!

  10. @Engel: Aw. Nagsalita. Hindi mo nga continue yung meet the parents moo eh... hehe.

  11. -Wow.. Kilig i got to hand it to bert.. It takes guts.. to say that.. admitting your feelings..

  12. nachaChallenge EQ ko. buti na lang posted na yung next installment nung binabasa ko to. Hahaha... on to the next episode...

  13. natatawa ako sa ginagawa ko, sinimulan ko basahin sa ganitong order ang 4-3-2-..