Wednesday, November 25, 2009

fast forward | new year's eve

for the sixth time in the last six years, john stan will be welcoming the new year alone, literally. usually, he'll just have an early dinner and afterwards go to bed. he'll try to sleep amidst the deafening noises of firecrackers outside. he'll put down his navy blue curtains and allow darkness to envelope his room. unmindful of the cheers and greetings from friends and family, he'll let sleep conquer his inner consciousness.

but he promised himself that this year would be different. true, he will still be celebrating alone but this time, he will indeed, celebrate. he has every reason to since john stan has already reached the zenith of his goals and aspirations that he has set for himself. for now, he will allow himself to bask into the feeling of contentment for he knows that such feelings are fleeting. the new year comes with fresh challenges and higher ambitions and in order for him to be truly ready for that, he must let himself take a break from it all and ponder about his actions and decisions.

so what are his plans for new year's eve?

he'll probably get off from work by five in the afternoon so he'll just drive directly to his pad in the metro. he's gonna have a quick shower and change into his gym clothes. before he goes out, he'll put this bottle of wine that he bought days before in the refrigerator to chill. he figures he's gonna be out for about two to three hours so he thinks that's just fine.

he will then go his gym just across his building and finish his routine for the day. on his way home, he'll pass by this nice restaurant and order take-out. yes, he knows it sucks, but that's the best thing he could come up with at the last minute. you see, cooking hates him. or was it the other way around?

it will then be around ten by the time he gets home. he'll pace around his pad wondering what to do and contemplating whether to push through with his plans or just decide to call it a night. he'll open the television and check the stations to see which areas in the metro will be holding countdown parties and fireworks displays. in the end, he will decide to continue with his plans since everything is already set.

with his thick blanket and small pillow, his bottle of wine, his food and his laptop, he'll go upstairs to the open pool area at the thirty first floor. he'll pull one of those lounging chairs to the side facing the southern skyline. he'll find the best view, of course, because by midnight, this horizon will light up with an intricate display of flashing radiance from the fireworks.

he'll play some soft music from his laptop, just enough to relax his mind from the pressures of the day. he'd probably start nibbling on his food now and would have finished his first glass of wine. but by this time, his thoughts would have been wandering as well and with midnight approaching slowly, he'd start to get sleepy.

the surroundings are now getting colder so he'll pull his thick blanket over him. he'll feel the heaviness in his eyes and starts to close them. with music still in the background, he'll slowly drift towards dreamland.

soon he'll wake up moments later only to realize that twelve o'clock passed without him noticing.


  1. ganun lagi celeb mo John? dapat nga ibahin mo this time around. :)

  2. I'm sure nagmamalinis na post 'to. Haha. I will wait for the true story on January 1, 2010.

  3. akala ko ako lamang ang nagdiriwang ng pagbubukas ng bagong taon sa ganiyang paraan..ang mag isa

    sana maging masaya ka sa gabing iyon

    god speed

  4. what sucks really is to celebrate new year's eve at work!!!


  5. haha. parang gusto ko ring paniwalaan si Queen Tristan! haha

  6. I agree with engel. Spending New Year's AT work sucks more donkey balls than spending it leisurely alone with a bottle of wine and a splendid view of fireworks displays.

  7. John Stan: call me, and sabay tayo magpaputok to welcome the new year.

    ermmm, wait.

    that didn't sound quite right right, did it?


  8. sounds like a good plan, but that is more than a month away and you can still change it to make it better plan. =)

    oh maybe you should set a time to set new goals (since you reached the zenith of your goals and aspirations already).

    Oh, i think i am "feeling too close" here. i think im new in following your blog and i just want to share my thoughts. =)

  9. @thecurioscat: yup, i do plan to celebrate this year. :)

    @tristan / mksurf8: hahaha, well i do have plans but nothing's definite yet. who knows? something may happen on new year's eve. ;)

    @antero's dominion: thanks. i wish you happiness too.

  10. @engel / rudeboy: hahaha, i so agree with you guys. good thing i can already escape by five.

    @ternie: promise? ahihihi!

    @teban: i don't mind you sharing your thoughts. i'd consider that. thanks. :)