Sunday, November 22, 2009

ow, may rainbow

even mother nature is against me.

or at least with what i'm doing siguro.

i was on my home walking when tiny droplets of water starts to fall down from the sky. but i guess the weather has not yet made up its mind whether to unleash its fury or just stay as it is and the ambon eventually stopped. however, as it did, an apparition appeared right in front of me.

yes, a freakin' rainbow. as i stared intently, i started to hear a voice inside my head. it was dimples'. creepy.

bakla ka!


  1. kaw daw si rainbow brite.

    sya si my little pony.


  2. tagal ko nang di nakakakita ng rainbow. sigh.

  3. Aren't rainbows supposed to be symbols of hope after the storm? Or were you holding out for a unicorn instead?