Wednesday, December 2, 2009


what are the odds that you will meet somebody you know at boracay in an off-peak season?

true, it was a long weekend but still, the probability could have been so little. i mean, it's quite far away and only a few people would think of going there on november and just right after a big typhoon.

i therefore deduce that it was conspiracy from heaven. indeed, it was conspiracy that i have to meet an ex-boyfriend in boracay when i'm spending time with the girl i'm dating. and he's not just any -ex. he's lawyer-ex, of all people, who started hitting on me again right after our dinner a few months back.

and i even thought that one meeting would be enough to stir my vacation. but no! the odds are against me. for during our flight back to manila, the guy was sitting on my right with only the aisle separating us.


i told you, it's conspiracy.


  1. maybe you are really meant for each other? :)

  2. Wow, that is crazy romance huh... cool!

  3. so, ang tanong eh - me nangyari ba? hihihi =P

  4. alam mo na... kaming mga diyosa lang ng olimpo ang may kakayahang mag conspire ng mga ganyang bagay hihihihihi

    nagustuhan mo ba?

  5. the question i guess is, did you like it that you bumped into each other again?

  6. it's not a conspiracy.

    it's a matter of statistics and probability.


  7. Napatumbling. Grabe naman maglaro ang tadhana.

  8. may ganun ngang pagkakataon hehe

  9. mahirap na kalaban ang tadhana..hehe you need two birgen na bading na kailang patayin para ma-reverse ang destiny..

    ang prublema may birgen pa ba?

  10. @aris: wala na talaga e. i remember the boy but i don't remember the feeling anymore. wehehe!

    @tim: sinabi mo pa!

    @mksurf8: anong sinasabi ng signs? iwan ang mujer at mag-stick sa hommes? ;)

  11. @mr. scheez: me nangyari? between whom? hihihi!

    @yj: ikaw pala ang may kasalanan, aphrodite. o di ba? goddess of love and beauty lang!

    @engel: ayos lang ordinary.

    @ternie: hay, sya sya, may point ka! so anong formula ng circular permutations? hehehe! mwah!

  12. @jaypee: di na lang naglaro. talagang pinag-tripan ako, hehehe!

    @xtian: di ba? nakakasira ng ulo. ;)

    @dabo: oo nga wala ng birgen na bading na pwedeng i-sacrifice.