Tuesday, December 1, 2009

isang taon na pala

december na.

i did not even notice it. excited kasing masyado na magbakasyon kaya nawala na lang bigla sa isip ko.

when i was checking my posts earlier, i just realized that my blog has turned one year old already. funny. my "mainstream" blog was almost of the same age when i closed it. and to think that i used to be more serious with it.

i consider this one a milestone. maikli ang retention period ko kaya madali akong mainip at magsawa. and to be able to maintain this journal for a year is already an achievement for me. i just hope that with the past year, i was able to share the lessons i've learned with life, love, and anything in-between.

sabi nga ng blog ko, what happens next?

fact is, i still don't know. but that's the best thing about it, not knowing what lies ahead. it makes us look forward to the challenges of tomorrow, each day arming ourselves with experiences and lessons we pick up along our journey.

as for me, i decided to live each day at a time. tama na muna ang sobrang pagpa-plano. gone were the days when i will be laying down my options five years into the future. it's time for me to enjoy the fruits of that phase in my life.

buwisit, tumatanda na yata talaga ako!

and to all of you who endured my (senseless) rants, thanks a million. rest assured that john stan will continue to impart his wisdom and his chismis even on the most trivial of things.

for now, let's all celebrate the life that keeps on getting better and better.


  1. happy 1st, what happens next! congrats, my friend. and cheers! :)

  2. more blogging years to come =)

  3. Paburgerger ka naman po. :p
    Happy 1st!

  4. happy birthday to your blog!!!


  5. congrats! mwaaaaaah

    celbrate tayo.

    sa kwarto ko.


  6. congrats sa 1st year ng blog mo :)

  7. thanks, guys, for your well -wishes. teary-eyed ang tita ninyo, hahaha!

  8. ei! this call for celebration!!!! cheers!!

    Congratulation!! =)