Tuesday, December 1, 2009

of racing and running over

it was my trainer's fault. he kept on bugging me to join official runs in the last two months. i was telling him that i was nowhere near ready for such and in return, he made me do every running-related exercise in the book not to mention the gruelling dynamic stretches in-between. and so, every time a marathon schedule approaches, he'd insist that i try them and get a feel of how it is to be a runner.

well, i had my chance last november 22 at the botak paa-bilisan road race held at the fort. since it was my first time, i decided to run the 5k race. my trainer would have wanted me to try the longer 10k but i declined since i don't intend to disgrace myself yet just in case something, uhmmm, humiliating happen on the road.

the results were in already late last week but i just got back from my vay-cay and were only able to see it this morning. interestingly, i was so close to my estimated time and i clocked my best so far for 5k.

i find it funny that in the list, my name is succeeded with "27 m b male". parang introduction lang sa mirc.

on a different (and yet) totally related note, i ran over a lamp post last night on my way home. geez, i guess, running is really getting into me. ugh.


  1. Tsk Tsk. Kung ano ano kasi ang ginagawa sa kotse... Ingat.

  2. ingat sa pagtakbo at sa pagmamaneho. i love your tattoo! :)

  3. so whats an "a male" supposed to be? :p

  4. You wrecked your car again?!?! Di ba kagagaling lang nyan sa casa???

  5. uy cocongratulate sana kita sa pag finish mo sa race, kaso sa ibang blog ko na post huhu about heart breaks pa naman yun, sama sama ko tuloy

  6. @tristan: kakatawa nga, just when i was doing nothing saka pa nangyari, hahaha!

    @aris: thanks, friend. for the reminders and for loving my tattoo. ;)

  7. @beki: a ewan ko nga ba kung ano yun, hehehe! pwede alpha male?

    @rudeboy: naman! hobby ko yun, hahaha!

    @xtian: thanks thanks. hala, kawawa naman 'yun isa.

  8. oo nga, pero no prob daw hehe