Friday, December 25, 2009

on christmas eve

it's christmas day today and i'm still here at work hoping that any minute soon i'll be able to get my ass off from my seat and drive away home. as luck would have it, we'll be able to finish by lunchtime and everything's gonna be up and running.

this has been quite an experience for me. as i have said before, i'm used to being at home during the yuletide season. but things change and now, i am no more in control of my schedule. however, i'd like to point out too that even though noche buena was not spent with the family, i did enjoy it as much with such wonderful and nice people.

and thus, i'd like to thank ternie and his gang for adopting me last night. even though i was the newbie in the crowd, i never, for one moment, felt out of place. in fact, unexpectedly, this is one of my better christmases.

ternie, natuwa ako sa platito mo. ang cute.

eb, ang kulit mo pala talaga 'pag naka-red horse.

cb, nice to finally meet you. ipakilala mo naman si married officemate. i'll bring a shopping bag na lang.

lukayo, ang perky lang ng nipple mo last night ha!

thanks guys for the wonderful christmas dinner.

and thanks, too, to joms and bitch for checking on me last night. nahipo ako, hehehe!

happy christmas to all.


  1. You're welcome mister stan. Have a safe trip going home!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. glad you had a wonderful time at the orgy.



    merry christmas ulit! :D

  3. Well! A Christmas orgy, eh? The Baby Jesus would not approve, na-uhhh!

  4. Rude: and all were were waiting was for you to bring your light-saber to the you-know-what!

  5. naks naman hehe Merry pa din Christmas ni John

  6. hahabol pa ako, hehe, merry christmas!

  7. hope you still had a good christmas!!!

  8. ayown! Merry Christmas ulet!

  9. ay may nipple na umeksena sa pasko?

    hmmmmm mukhang merring merry nga...

    happy new year... putukan na....