Tuesday, December 29, 2009

some kind of foreplay

such an effort.

yes, i guess that's how i would describe what happened a few nights back. the meet-up was relatively simple but taking him to bed was another story altogether. you see, he used to be a "iskolar ng bayan". he came from the same place where tristan probably lost his virginity. note the term probably for i am just assuming.

anyway, the guy is a knock-out for those who dig the moreno-chinito types. quite opinionated and oftentimes intellectual, he likes talking about different topics ranging from the latest headlines up to the most trivial of stuff. thus, in order to warm the mood, i have to unleash the inner geek in me and play with him head on.

we ended up in bed alright, but not after i had my first nose-bleed discussing subjects worthy of an audience. and why not when you're talking about these:

a. on which logistics company is better in terms of services and customer satisfaction,

b. on why pasig has been greatly affected by ondoy,

c. on why iskolar's are liberated,

d. on which engineering discipline is most in-demand,

e. on why integral calculus is integral in college education, and

f. on how calcium carbonate became an important element (well, technically, a compound) of my job.

funny, i was actually imagining him reaching orgasm shouting the empirical formula for lime, "CaCO3, ahhh, CaCO3, ahhh, CaCOOOOOOOOOO3!".



  1. naku dapat worth lahat ng nosebleed moments mo when it came to the bedroom. =D

  2. nakow, hanggang ngayon, hate ko pa rin ang topic ng solid of revolution sa calculus hahahahaha

  3. Haha. Ganyan nga, sakyan mo lang ng sakyan para masakyan mo din. Pero loko ka, pati virginity ko eh dinamay mo! Naalala ko tuloy ang mahiwagang sulok ng kolehiyo kung san naganap ang lahat... haaay... Kung maibabalik ko lang. Haha.

    If he had calculus in college then he's probably worth knowing. Pakilinaw nga lang kung higher math series ba ang course nya kasi kung na-chop chop ang math series, nevermind. Haha.

  4. was ES 12 part of your coversation? hehehe

  5. haha! sana tinanong mo na din kung gumagamit siya ng derivatives nung nasa bed na kayo at may ginagawa na. hahaha!

  6. I think i just blacked out from a few seconds of my precious life after reading this. Calculus and chemistry were the twin demons of my past.

    Calculus is one thing. Chemistry is another. Put them together and I feel like a rabid bitch now, frothing in the mouth. Waaah

  7. you guys should have talked about biology as well while in bed.

  8. My type of guy :-) PM mo nga number nya at type ko makipagtalastasan ;-)

  9. Integral sucks! sino ba nag imbento nian!
    I love the part of you imagining him shouting the formula of lime. funny! Ü

  10. ngayon ko napatunayan...

    right after i noticed that the topics you discussed were very interesting

    hindi lang ako nerd

    uber geek pa


    im doomed to be an spinster


  11. C-C-C-Calculus?

    He's all yours, john stan.

  12. Calculus in UP is broken down to 4 courses... The basic calculus (for non BS majors) and the 3-part calculus (for BS majors)...

    Til now di ko ginagamit yung Calculus subjects sa work.... but at least I can play on words like derivative and integrals. :p

    Geeks are hot :)

  13. o di ba nakakalokang foreplay lang ito. i swear, after this last one, hahanap muna ko ng dumb blonde, hahaha!

  14. haha ok siya ah, mukhang magkakasundo kami lol

  15. hmmmm parang kilala ko to... pareho sila ng profile eh. hehe