Monday, December 21, 2009


right now i can't help but feel sorry for myself.

whatever drive there is to finish all my tasks right before christmas day has already been extinguished thanks to this crazy news that i receive this early monday morning.

i thought i got everything settled already. i know we're running on a very tight schedule that's why i planned my trip home on the night of the twenty-fourth. with almost three hours on the road, i'm pretty sure i'll be able to enjoy noche buena with my family. of course, next day would not only be christmas but also my granny's eighty-sixth birthday. as always, all of us children and grandchildren alike will be there to celebrate together. it was, after all, a family tradition.

but i won't be able to join my family this year. the top bosses made sure of that.

i'll be working on christmas day.


in my entire life, i haven't experienced christmas day without my family. i know it's not that big a deal to some but it is to me. worse, i can already imagine how sad it would be on the night of the twenty-fourth - as families and friends exchange greetings and well-wishes, i'd be there in my dark room, alone, waiting for sleep to conquer my consciousness.


  1. Yeah, it sucks big time. At least you'll be celebrating Christmas with your "significant other."

    Remember, you're married to your job.

  2. celebrate na lang tayo christmas sa planta mo!


  3. that's really sad. it's how to be a corporate slave.

  4. Well, I commiserate with you, john stan, I really do. I have to work over the holidays myself, although not on Christmas Day itself.

    That said, whether we like it or not, someone has to work on Christmas Day. Someone has to sacrifice Yuletide time with their families in order to make sure everyone else gets to their destinations, or have medical attention ready if it is needed, or a thousand and one other services people take for granted. Otherwise, we'd be spending noche buena with no electricity, no running water, no cellphone service and other modern essentials.

    You can think of it as being robbed of holiday cheer. Or you can think of it as your turn to ensure holiday cheer happens for other people.

    Yes, it's cold comfort. But if you can't spend Christmas with the ones you love, spend it with the ones you're with.

    After all, the Birthday Boy Himself didn't seem to mind greatly that He had to spend 33 years among resentful strangers who eventually nailed him to a cross for all His good intentions.

  5. awww..sakit naman non..nakaplano na lahat and then all of a sudden, wala na..

    haii..that's my family. I can't live without them..

    Im sure hindi na Merry ang Christmas mo..pero babatiin pa din kita..

    Merry Christmas :)

  6. awww....hugs!

    mamasko na lang kaya ako sayo sa 25? hehe

  7. yeah it does suck. isipin mo na lang double pay din yan. there's still new year to look forward to. =)

  8. thanks for all your messages guys. truly uplifted my spirits.

    @rudeboy: special thanks to you rude for that enlightening piece. i assure you, i don't really mind working during holidays. it's just that i am already scheduled to work on new year's day and to be robbed off with the chance to enjoy the christmas holiday too is just so sad.

    @engel: sadly, i'm not entitled to overtime pay as well. :(

  9. At least try to go home for Noche Buena. Then head back to work the next day. ;p

  10. i hope your season will still be full of cheer. Merry Christmas, John my friend! :)