Thursday, December 31, 2009

what happened was

tonight comes the last few hours of 2009. kung anumang putukan ang maganap mamaya lang, wala sa plano ko yan, promise.

anyway, the past year has been a big roller-coaster ride for me, both in my professional and personal life. i consider each achievement a milestone; each milestone the spice that adds flavor to the main ingredients of my life.

looking back, john stan came into full bloom this year. from just a mere persona created from the depths of my being, i was able to embrace him as an integral part of my personality. thus, come early part of the year, i decided that it was, indeed, time to cross over the fence and introduce myself to the world, well, the discreet world, that is.

from then on, john stan has continued to evolve, adapting to his environment but still maintaining the essence within. true, change is inevitable and this blog has been a witness to my many transformations. you were there with me in my successes and victories but most importantly, you never left me in times of failures, in moments of defeats.

ilan sa inyo ay nakiiyak sa akin. marami ay natawa sa mga kalokohan ko sa buhay. siguro marami ring nagalit dahil sa aking mga desisyon. may mga nagpayo, sumuporta, nakisaya, nagtaas ng kilay, bumuntong-hininga. anuman ang inyong naging pagtanggap sa aking pagkatao, rest assured that i am very thankful to all. never did i realize until now that i am capable of drawing such emotions from a diverse group of people.

to those of you who decided to not only become mere readers but be my friends as well, maraming maraming salamat. you are all inspirations to me for it is only with you where i can truly be myself. and you all understood why, without passing judgment. teka, sino-sino na nga kayo?

at sa mga nagtataka kung bakit marami raw alam sa blogosphere si john stan, sorry but really, it's not my fault. when we write the stories of our lives, most of the time, we reveal more about ourselves than what we want to. madaling buhulin ang mga lubid ng kwento. madaling tahiin ang mga retaso ng ating pagkatao. kung may nalaman ako tungkol sa inyo, sisihin ang blogspot, ang twitter at ang facebook.

to all of you who walked with me in 2009, thank you very much. sana, mas maraming taon pa tayong pagsamahan.


alam ko, bawal ang past tense sa title pero pagbigyan niyo na ko. new year naman. wala lang talaga akong ibang maisip.


  1. Cheers to the coming year Mister John Stan! :)

  2. a happy new year to you john stan!!! =D

  3. Happy new year John :)

  4. more putukan fleeze.


    huffy, huffy! :D

  5. Happy New Year John Stan!!!

    More years of blogging for all of us!!!

  6. Salamat sa pagkakaibigan... ang drama ng bakla. Haha. Happy New Year, 'pre.

  7. sir continue writing; you do have the power to draw emotions from people. here's to a great year ahead. happy new year!

  8. Happy You Year! Manigong "sana kumpleto pa ang mga daliri nyo" sa inyong lahat!