Tuesday, March 31, 2009

gaya lang

out of curiosity in a post i've seen in a certain blogsite i usually visit plus an innate interest in anything unnatural, i tried this quiz to know which tarot card best describes me.

not usually a believer here but i guess this one hits it big time... i hope.

You are The Wheel of Fortune

Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of
intoxication with success

The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.


'pag may writer's block, manggaya ng idea... yun lang.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

failed attempt

my workstation will be on inspection tomorrow and i need to clean my hard drive of any files that are not related to work.

at least that's how i understood the latest e-mail i received from our i.t. department. for days now, they have been bugging all the employees regarding the improper use of workstations especially in storing files for personal use as well as installing applications which are not authorized by them. guilty as i am, i need to finish this today unless i want them to find out that almost seventy-five percent of my hard drive's memory is allocated for my photos, videos, music files, porn and personal software.

good thing i brought my external hard disk with me today but i am not sure if there is sufficient memory available to accommodate all the files that i will be transferring. so far, i have already cleared around 25 gigabytes of photos and music files. i deleted all my porn though, but it was not an easy decision.

after rummaging through my hidden folders, i found this particularly interesting podcast that i made before. i thought i lost it already and since i closed my other journal forty-eight years ago, i never expected that i'll be able to listen to it again. i know, the editing is not very good, but it seems that hearing my voice again speaking nonsensical blabbering is more than enough to make my tiring day.

here then is my failed attempt at humor


i can still remember my friends' reactions when i asked them to listen. apparently, they never expected this side of my personality. however, it was the polar bear's reaction that is most priceless.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

kuya's letter to little sister


galing mo 'neng!

pero dahil nangako si kuya na mag-aayuno sa pag-inom ng alak, pineapple juice na lang ang toast ko sa 'yo.

kung alam mo lang, sobrang tuwa ang naramdaman ko nang itinawag sa akin ni tita ang balita 'nung isang linggo. kaya nga dali-dali akong nagpaalam sa boss ko para makauwi sa atin at maging saksi sa araw ng pagkilala sa iyong tagumpay.

alam kong mahirap ang iyong pinagdaanan sa iyong pag-aaral. bukod sa matataas na grades ay pimples ang naging katumbas ng gabi-gabi mong pagpupuyat. bukod pa diyan, effort din ang pagma-manage ng buhok mong daig pa ang magnet wire. hayaan mo, gawan natin 'yan ng paraan.

naging challenge sa iyo ang karangalang nakamit ko anim na taon na ang nakalipas. hindi mo man sabihin pero nakikita kong nais mong sundan ang aking yapak. nagsikap ka at nagpunyagi kaya naman nakamit mo ang iyong ninanais.

kaninang umaga, habang hinihintay nating magsimula ang recognition program, ilang mga professors mo ang lumapit sa akin at nagulat pa ng malaman na magkapatid tayo. syempre pa ay tumaas lalo ang morale ko 'nung sinabi nila na sa akin ka siguro nagmana (pagbigyan mo na, sulat ko naman 'to).

pero higit pa palang kasiyahan ang aking mararamdaman ng tawagin na ang iyong pangalan: r****** m*****, bachelor of science in nursing, cum laude.

sigurado akong kung meron pang mas masaya sa akin e sila nanay at tatay lang yun.

ngayon, ang yugtong ito ng iyong buhay ay nagwakas na. nagtagumpay ka na bilang isang estudyante at sa darating na mga araw ay haharapin mo na ang tunay na mundo.

board examination na ang susunod na hurdle para sa 'yo. 'wag ka munang mag-isip ng kahit ano dahil nangako naman si kuya na pwede kang magreview sa kahit saang review center na gusto mo. regalo ko na yan sa iyo kasi birthday mo rin naman.

pansamantala. enjoy ka lang dahil moment mo 'to. bask in the glory of your success. soar high but always keep your feet on the ground. and remember to look back to where you came from.

marami pa sana kong gustong sabihin pero iniisip ko pa kung paano magkakasya sa bahay ang sanlaksang bisita mo bukas. magpa-party ka ba naman e dinaig mo pa ko. pasalamat ka at nanalo sa mahjong si tatay kaya napapayag natin.

at yung bilin namin, ingat sa pagpili ng boyfriend. alam naming matalino ka pero hindi maiiwasang mag-alala kami sa aming bunso. kung gusto mo, kakaliskisan muna ni kuya 'yung mga nanliligaw sa 'yo.

in fairness, gwapo 'yung jayjay ha!



today is my sister's recogntion and graduation day. i can't help it. kuya is just so proud.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the pink bimpo chronicles

in one of those very rare occasions where i allowed myself to be surrounded by fun and fabulous people, the closing of this blog has become a hot topic. when asked with the perennial question "why", i told them that the last few entries sum up the reasons for doing so. but then again, not everyone has read these posts and putting the journal offline after twenty-four hours did not help either.

needless to say, i recounted the details over lunch, answering each question as honestly as i can but still being very careful not to let the juicy elements slip (as if there's any, to start with). they know i am quite nervous, as evidenced by my continuously arranging and re-arranging the glasses in front of me. i never knew before that i tend to do that.

but apparently, me and my story are not the center of attention. it was this ridiculous pink bimpo that i brought with me. knowing for a fact that it is a humid day and i'll probably be walking most of the time, i decided to bring a small towel aside from my usual hankie minutes before i left home. i am aware that unless a miracle happens, i will be arriving late so i just grabbed the one on top of the pile, a small rectangular towel which i initially thought to be white.

considering that my being color blind seems not a good excuse, i just made fun of the situation and i became the maangas guy with the pink towel. one even went a step further suggesting that i open a new blog with the title "me and my pink bimpo". sounds mighty cool, isn't it? interestingly, i gave it a thought but brushed the idea at the last moment.

there's no point prolonging the bimpo's agony. it has already served the purpose of breaking the ice among people with diverse preferences. for sure, among us, i will most likely be remembered because of it.

but somebody burst my bubble before the day ended. it seems that, after all, the freaking thing is purplish.

hay, what can i say?

nothing but art deco.


i checked the towel's etiketa and found out that it is made of one hundred percent cotton. i am handing it down to zoom-zoom as cleaning cloth for the interiors.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

or so i thought

i am leaving blogspot for good.

that was the original plan. when i woke up that morning a few weeks ago, closing this journal was the best option i have. call it fear if you may, but, like i said before, nothing has prepared me for the rough roads and steep hills of being one of the people like us.

exactly a day after, and with a heavy heart, i have decided to stop my journey and lock my doors. everything about stan the blogger was competely wiped clean; no traces were left, probably not even a small hint that stan ever existed.

from then on, i was able to suppress the urge to write. a lot has happened in the days that passed but i kept my silence, that is, until now...

... when i did understand that some things come about because they just do and, like everything else, they too, shall pass.

hence, days before this son of taurus bears another fruit, i decided to pick up my trail and continue my journey to destinations still unknown.

but first thing first. let me just return this crown to the polar bear. i won't be needing this for a very long time.

because there is really no reason for me not to be happy.

so what happens next?

nah... no calculated pre-emptive actions anymore.

basta, tuloy-tuloy lang ang ligaya...


probably, even then, i knew that in one way or another, i will return. last night, i was able to catch up with my reading. what amazes me the most is that my link is still present in some of the blogs i revisited. baka naman tinamad lang silang mag-edit...