Tuesday, July 28, 2009

exit in style

one of my friends tied the knot last saturday and considering my stand against formal clothing, i would not have attended the event but she gave me a part in the ceremonies. that left me no choice but to take out my barong from the dusty closet to see the sun again.

there were only a few people inside the church but i guess it really does not matter at that time. what is important is that the couple's family and closest friends were there to witness them exchanging vows. come to think of it, the wedding in itself is already unconventional in so many ways. there were surprises all over and i think this is what made it more special.

but the ultimate surprise came from the groom. and it left the crowd cheering big time. even the spectators outside the church. everyone was clapping and shouting in unison as the newlyweds start to ascend the thing that will take them to the reception area.

yup, the thing.

the couple as they walk towards...

... the thing.

a fun day it was, indeed.


and i thought this stuff only happens in the movies...

Sunday, July 19, 2009


what do you do the first time you see snow?

you take a picture, of course.

o di ba, parang tanga lang?


with nothing to do, i found myself browsing through old photos. indeed, time passes by so fast.

Monday, July 13, 2009

chronicles | chocolates

he is one year older than me but i insisted to call him daddy for good reasons, well, his wife and three kids. we've been in contact for quite some time already, doing such stuff which you don't normally do over yahoo messenger. he works in a bank in saudi. his wife works in italy. his kids, i think, live with their grannies.

apparently, he's going home for the holidays and he wants to meet up. now who am i to say no, right?

the funny thing is that he will be arriving one day before his wife. it seems that both of them will be home after all. i can already picture a nice little family, with kids smiling ear to ear, happy to see mom and dad. if they only knew.

i offered to fetch him at the airport but he declined. he said that all accommodations have been pre-arranged prior to leaving the middle east. he just wants me to go straight to his hotel. as i was coming from work, i told him that i'll pick him up instead to dine out and then we'll go back to his hotel after.

the first meeting wasn't that awkward. he is still as hunky as the first night i saw him on cam. and that tight butt is sending chills down my groin.

we had a quick bite somewhere in makati while sharing stories of escapades and pursuits (not necessarily of "that" kind). i asked him if he wants to go some place else but he told me that he just wants to go back to his room and rest. this he said with a naughty grin.

upon entering his hotel room, i already knew what will happen next. he grabbed this thing between my legs as he whispered, "i've been wanting to hold this for the longest time!".

"i'm yours tonight.", my husky voice filling the silence inside the room.

we woke up early the next morning; i, to go home and he, to fetch his wife.

"by the way, i have something for you.", he said, taking something from his bag.




i tried writing a homoerotic entry but it seems i am not brave enough to do that kind of storytelling. i guess there really are things which are best kept private.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

parallel life | brod

natatandaan ko pa nung first year college ako. madaming bawal para sa mga freshmen. syempre nga naman, you’re still proving yourself to a lot of people. college is like an entrance to the world of adulthood. dito ka dapat maraming matutunan kaya mahihigpit ang mga rules lalo na sa mga nagsisimula pa lang. at bawal pumasok ng fraternity.

pero dahil bata pa lang e matigas na ang ulo ko, ginawa ko ito ng patago.

1999 sa taas ng bundok ng rizal nung napatunayan kong meron pala kong masochistic behavior. first batch kami nung taon na yon. at sa kabila ng mga laway, sipon, pawis at dugo, i never regretted making this one big decision. medyo matagal ko nga din itong pinag-isipan, mga three hours.

modesty aside, the fraternity has a very good reputation in the university. majority of the members are student leaders and heads of organizations in the different colleges. alumni members occupy top positions in different industries. 'yung isa nga, member ng board of electrical engineering. textmate kame.

pero mahirap pa ding baguhin ang perception ng mga tao pagdating sa mga fraternities. madami kasing fraternity-related violence at lagi itong highlighted. kahit nung ipinasa na ang anti-hazing law, hindi masasabing nabawasan ang ganitong insidente. karamihan kasi nag-underground.

ours is not much different from the others, so to speak. but i can say that mine has helped me a lot during my college days. the principles that i was able to imbibe has guided me every step of the way, up until now that i am already a working professional.

the brotherhood put their trust in me and i'm glad i never let them down. we were able to preserve our tradition. on my last year, i became the chair of the student council, the fourth one from our roster.

yesterday, our chapter celebrated our 15th anniversary; another year to look forward to and ponder how far we have gone and what more lies ahead. we now walk different paths but all are one in saying long live the great gamma sigma pi.


our flame, it is beautiful because it is truth prevailing
and because it is truth we will know no darkness.
our flame, it is eternal for as long as each one of us remains a spark,
it lives.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

your day

on this special day, i wish you happiness and love,

patience, too, for i can be quite trying at times

remember the good times, learn from the others

and continue to be the good person that you are.

happy birthday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

what if

what if i say that it is all part of a social experiment?

that it is all an act?

that i am inarguably, undeniably, one hundred percent straight?