Sunday, January 31, 2010

month-end | rediscovering the scene

i broke my word. i was at bed last night. for good reason, i assure you.

except for the hot go-go boys and a really crazy drag show, this o-bar in ortigas sucks. the place is quite small and the crowd is barely forgivable. after consuming the free beers, my companion and i decided to go all the way to malate and immerse ourselves into the bigger scene.

and so after a few minutes, we found ourselves inside the full-packed club we all know as bed; bumped into fellow bloggers who were dancing on top of the ledge with hands swaying up in the air in all directions. my feet were on full recharge as i myself was swinging like there's no tomorrow. fun times.

after the companion left, i found myself gyrating with a dance partner who was trying to mimic my every move. moments later, we were engaged in some steamy tongue-fighting right there in the middle of the ledge. keber lang...

names were exchanged and so were numbers. i would have brought him home but the kid is only 21.

oh well, there's always next time.

now, back to work, john stan...


  1. waaaaaaaah - makes me miss Manila!!!

    Walang Malate scene sa Iloilo.

    Sa March pa ako pwede makapag-leave!!! huhuhu

  2. something i learned in my early 20's. don't expect an oscar after party when beers are pro bono


  3. What word did you break? Hahahaha.

  4. friend, it was good to see you again. grabe, enjoy talaga sa bed noh? :)

  5. Who are we to judge?! we sometimes get carried away by our emotions.. cno bah hindi.. :)

    Super supportive lang talaga ako.

  6. @iurico: weekend manila getaway... watcha think? ;)

    @bryan anthony: yup, you're right. oh well, there's free popcorn, too.

    @ternie: what? hahaha...

    @galen: i promised myself i'm not going to bed. i'll just promise again, hehehe!

    @sorry: sorry, too.

    @aris: it was great seeing you at your prime, aris!

    @dhon: hahaha, supportive din ako. at kunsintidor. tara, gimik tayo sa cebu.