Tuesday, January 19, 2010

rules of engagement

if we had sex on the first date, that means we'll never see each other again.

now, if i behaved, know that you got my serious attention.


  1. Version G:

    If we meet and had sex, it means I'd most likely never see you again.

    Now if we both behaved, know I see you more than just a lay.


  2. If we had sex on the first date, then it was a very good first date. If we do it again, then we're doing well. If I behaved, that means we'll never see each other again.

  3. Riding the bandwagon. My version:

    If I behaved and we still had sex, then I'm such an eager tease. :)

  4. @Tristan Tan- ganon! so di na pla tau kita once na dumating ka... kaw ha!

    @stan- that is the best thing that you can do on ur first date... being BEHAVE...

  5. @Popoy Haha. Nagreact daw. Well, I'm giving you another chance but promise not to behave the next time. Haha.

  6. 1. If we had sex on our first date, this must be an incest at syempre - botbot ka!

    @Tristan - I'm so much excited on our first date. hahahaha!

  7. @Tristan- Di pwede... kilala moko... haha

  8. @galen: hahaha, very nice.

    @engel: what's yours? come on, spill!

    @tristan: *whispers* teh, nagmamalinis lang ako, hahaha!

    @mksurf8: hmmm, from experience ba kaya ka uma-agree? hahaha!

  9. @manech: if you behaved and still had sex, makiri ka, hahaha! peace, mwah!

    @popoy: ikaw ba behaved lagi? hmmmm...

    @darc diarist: love mo? join na! what's yours?

    @mike: date? sex? us? you wish! bwahahaha!

  10. ay virginal? outdated na rin yan lol pero i like =D

  11. Ganun ba talaga ang rules? hehehe

    How about this one!

    If we had sex and then we went on a date..
    That means.. I am willing to take it to the next level

  12. if there is sex on the first date then it will be pretty boring after..
    so, sex only after the third date. third one's a charm. lol.

  13. @paci

    Puwede ba kahit kissing man lang on the first date? Hehehe.

  14. @lee: of course. sabi nga ng facebook, virgin pa ko, di ba? ;)

    @dhon: if you're willing to take it to the next level, nag-enjoy ka sa sex. hihihi!

    @paci: maria clara, isdatchu? with your big wide abaniko?

    @galen: i agree, kahit kiss lang sana pwede...

  15. my take on this one,

    if we had sex on the first date, then that means we're both horny for each other at that very moment.

  16. @mike bibi, our first date will not be wholesome. I guarantee that. Haha

    @Popoy puro ka excuses! haha.

    @john stan ano ba naman kasing kalokohan to? LOL

  17. @ galen and stanley kiss..meaning a smack on the cheek. puwede! =)

    noli me tangere (modern version)

    maria clara: ano ba yan crisostomo ang bagal mo naman, chupain nga kita diyan. *paypay ng abaniko

  18. @Stan- oo naman behave ako lagi...

    @Tristan- anung excuses? hayaAn mo chat tau nya LOL

  19. if i behave on the first date... that means i don't wana sleep with you... but i'll let you know if want to have that option...

    hihihi char lang!!!

    samba kay inang reyna Tristan!!!

  20. oh well, ano bang take ko dito?hmmmmm. hindi ko alam. LOL. virgin ako sorry :P