Tuesday, January 12, 2010

short messages to you four

to the one who held my junior while i was driving in the car,

in six months, you'll be back home in the philippines. i know i promised to meet you again. likewise, i agreed that we will let your cousin join us in our escapade. don't worry, i will keep my word. but as i have said to you before, that will be the last time. i hope you will soon realize that you have a family now who needs you by their side whenever you are here. if you want to play this game, you may continue to do so. but not with me.

to the one who woke me up for an early morning fun,

i know we already reached an understanding that whatever happens in the future will be left to time and fate. as i was thinking about you last night, i found myself smiling at the memory of you asking me permission to say "i love you". but then again, some things are not meant to be, even those that our hearts greatly desire. so i guess what i'm trying to say is that i will not be waiting for you. i will not hold on to your words.

to the one who i first invited to my bed,

you could be the trophy boyfriend i was looking for but then i realized that it's not a trophy boyfriend i want. still, i want you to know that i'm giving myself a chance to know you better; to find out who you are beyond the sheets that we shared. no promises, though. let's just see what happens next.

to the one who will be the next love of my life,

if you're not the one who i first invited to my bed then don't come just yet. i am not ready for you.


  1. ouch. tagos. nangyari na rin sakin yan.

  2. as i always tell myself these days: just be prepared, you'll never know when's the next one coming. :)

  3. OMG. am speechless. ang dami. tsk :D

  4. i hope i have the guts to say these things also =D

  5. talagang don't come yet ha. be careful what you wish for. =P

  6. lahat yata tayo nakaranas nito.. NICE!