Sunday, January 17, 2010

updates, updates

i completed a ten-kilometer morning run last friday around ortigas in exactly sixty minutes based on my watch. at dahil adik ako, i even went to the gym to run in the treadmill and complete my free weights routine. sad to say, the morning activities took a toll on me and my legs were hurting the whole day. and with that, i became a couch potato after.


i was supposed to attend a friend's friend's wedding (yes, you read it right, a friend's friend) yesterday. the invitation says formal and i had my suit carefully laid on top of my bed by morning; clean, pressed and ready for me. however, i just remembered that zoom is still in the casa which means that i have to take a cab going to the wedding venue which is a good twenty to thirty kilometers from my place. suffice to say, i did not go and did the next best thing - continue my heroes season four marathon.


and since i'm glued on television, i declined three invitations for meet-up. funny because these guys who i used to chat with before were all in the area and they all decided to send me a message in almost exactly the same time. what's funnier is that one of them even lives in my building. good thing he doesn't know my room number.


what sort of image does my blog project of me?

you see, i was online at yahoo messenger when a certain rheyan sent me a message at my pingbox. he told me that he found my blog interesting and decided to share my page to his "tropa". now when i say "tropa", i did not mean his friends but the guys he regularly have sex orgies with. he told me that there were five of them in the group, all discreet, straight-acting men consisting of former classmates and office mates. they meet once a week in his house near quezon avenue, first, to have a few drinks and next, well, it's practically anything goes. how did i know? he described them in full detail, from this enrico guy with the biggest dick to this jarryd, the power-bottom.

anyway, the point is, they are inviting me for their next weekend's inuman and upon seeing their photos, the slutty side of me is more than willing to say yes. but the goody-goody john stan prevailed. sayang! hahaha, sayang daw! e kasi, nagmamalinis kaya ako these days...


earlier this morning:

boss: you did not report for work yesterday, why? where were you? you never even told us that you're not coming.

john stan: (in my most pa-cute, paawa, pa-guilty, emote acting) sorry sir, i've been too tired the past few weeks. i just needed another day of rest. blah-blah-blah... blah-blah-blah...

boss: pasensya ka na *******. talagang busy lang tayo ngayon. by february, in full swing na ulit tayo. don't worry, the company recognizes your efforts. alam namin ang malasakit niyo.

john stan: (thinking) hehehe, lusot!


  1. Adik ah! Pa marathon-marathon na lang. Hehehehe.

  2. good work on pa-cute, paawa at pa-guilty emote acting! =)

    i remember puss in boots in his heart-warming role in shrek. haha!

    i am your new follower john stanley!

  3. naku friend, with all the running and gym training you have been doing, baka hindi na kita makilala kapag nagkita tayo. at baka isnabin mo na ako kasi hunk ka na. charoz! haha! good luck sa meet-ups. and enjoy! :)

  4. good thing you didn't accept the sex orgy invite

  5. hanggang ngayon di ko pa rin mareconcile si john stan na nakita ko from john stan na binabasa ko.

    at ngayon naging cheetah ka pa

  6. lol @ mksurf8's comment!
    i find the tropa thing dangerously exciting.
    sayang. hehe

  7. @galen: hahaha, oo nga. ewan ko ba! the running itch bit me.

    @paci: thanks paci. i hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

    @aris: hahaha, baka mamaya sabihan mo ko ng "hu u?". enjoy ka din! =)

    @anteros: bakit naman good? hahaha! talagang nagsisi daw ako, no?

    @mksurf8: e kasi you met the angelic side of me daw!

    @darc diarist: halika, ipakilala kita! *wink*