Sunday, January 24, 2010

why i can't hate my boss even when everyone else does

my boss is an ogre. he can be smiling the first minute and then fuming mad by the next.

he is the tyrant; his words are laws inside the plant. whatever his command is needs to be followed or else suffer the consequences. i have witnessed several instances wherein managers, both males and females, could not hold back their tears from his harsh words. some resigned, a few others still continue to put their patience to the test.

but he's always been kind to me. even from the start of my career here.

he opened a lot of doors; introduced me to the right people. he promoted me three times in two years which is quite an achievement in itself considering that i am working in a multinational company.

he seeks my opinion on company-related issues. he gives me voice to air my concerns. he puts my section in the company's priority list. whatever i need, i can easily request for funding. that's why people have been tagging me "anak ng diyos".

and now he added another figure to my salary.

seriously now, how can i hate the guy?


  1. may gusto sa iyo.


    (hindi naman sa minamaliit ko ang kakayanan mo..)

  2. You're a lucky bastard! Hehehe.

  3. You're the fair-haired boy, john stan.

    While I'm sure your talent and personality had something to do with it, career opportunities and advantages sometimes just fall in our laps. That's where luck dovetails with skill, which makes you a very fortunate man, indeed.

    Enjoy the privilege, the position, and the power.

  4. with the kind of job description you have, you deserve it.


  5. with the blessings you've been getting, you should be sharing it with your fellow bloggers, like us!!!


  6. Maybe he sees himself in you. :)

    Regardless, the added figure is a good thing! :)

  7. yeah, you deserve it. sometimes people have to separate their personal issues with the boss and stay professional.. :)

  8. Good Job! maybe he see's his younger self in you..


  9. hope you will add me up to your blogosphere

  10. @anteros: gawan ba ng issue? nega ka, hahaha!

    @joms: i know... and i like it that way.

    @rudeboy: thanks rude.

    @geek: hahaha, oo nga madami ngang trabaho. jack of all trades e.

    @engel: ay madali akong kausap. when and where? ;)

  11. @manech: sana nga ganun para mas masaya.

    @tristan: hahaha, i won't answer that mare.

    @ohporoussky: yes, i agree with you. and no matter how many people perceived my boss, he has his goodness within.

    @mksurf8: uwi ka na! jollibee tayo, hahaha!

    @dhon: added you already. ;)

  12. congrats! sama naman ako kapag nag-libre ka. hehe! :)

  13. sama ako pag nanlibre ka!(feeling close..ahahahaha)